Blog's html and money making: Blogger's great free features

This is the fifth post in the series on Blogger's great features. The complete list of these posts is given at the end of this post.

Unlike blogs, Blogger ( blogs give the blogger the option to make html changes and to put advertisements for making money. These functions remain intact even when the blog has been given a new URL (detailed posts on this aspect are linked below).

Making html changes

You can make changes to the blog's html directly in two ways:

On the blog's template, widgets etc. What it means is that you can change everything - almost everything - on the blog's looks and functionality if you know the underlying computer languages, mostly .html. You need to use this option for putting tags, tracking scripts from affiliates etc on the blog. For doing so, you need to got to 'Template' menu and then click on 'Edit HTML'. 

On posts. For this, you have to check the 'HTML' option next to 'Compose'. This can be used to format the text content, placing special types of links, many types of bullets and table structures, and so on. 

We must again remind that you should edit html of the blog only if you have at least a basic knowledge of html and a sense of how codes function. If not, you can still put some scripts in the header portion of the blog from reliable websites for tracking purposes, adding tags, etc. Whenever making changes to the html of the blog, you must keep a backup of the blog (visit the previous post to know how to back up and restore a blog).

Putting AdSense on the blog

As a blogger you might already be aware of AdSense and might have put it on the blog to make some money out of it. If not, read on.

AdSense is Google's (=Blogger's) own advertisement system for websites, and it is totally free! When you put AdSense ads on your blog (or any other website) and people click on them and/or make purchases, Google pays you a small sum. In general, the more number of visitors come to your blog, find useful ads on it and surf them, the more money you make. 

For putting AdSense ads on your blog, you must apply to Google. Visit this website to apply for AdSense. Google puts some conditions on 'publishers' (bloggers) so that they do not misuse the system. Once Google approves your application, you can put AdSense ads on your blog. You can put ads on many blogs with just a single account. When your application is approved, you can sign in on the same website and you will be guided how to maintain your account and track your payments.

Once your application is approved by Google, you can place and customise ads by going to 'Layout' menu, clicking on 'Add a Gadget' and then selecting 'AdSense' from the gadget list.

Putting affiliate ads on the blog

Many websites make blogs their 'affiliates' in selling products. Amazon and Commission Junction are two such popular sites. You can put their ads on the blog by going to these websites, registering yourself and then copying their product code in an html widget ('Layout'... 'Add a Gadget'... 'HTML/JavaScript'). These sites also ask you to put a tracking script in header section of your blog's html so that they can track purchases made through your blog. 

We have talked about money making and affiliation in some earlier posts including these: making money from a food blog; fake expert advice on making money from blogs; blogging from passion to dollars

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