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Protect your inactive Google account soon. At least save your data.

Google is set to delete inactive accounts starting December1, raising concerns about potential data loss of Google account holders. This deletion process targets accounts that have not been operated in the last two years, putting content stored in associated products like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, Calendar, Photos, and YouTube at risk. To safeguard your account from deletion, it's crucial to sign in before the impending deadline this Friday. Google emphasizes that an account is considered active and exempt from deletion if it has been accessed recently. However, if your account falls into the inactive category, take immediate action to prevent any data loss. For those who wish to retain their data without keeping the inactive account, Google provides an option to back up your content. Utilize the Google Takeout page to download and export your data, including folders, documents, and media. This precautionary step ensures that even if your account becomes inactive, your valuable da