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9 practical tips for food bloggers

You can build a food blog easily and maintain it with just a little effort. It can also earn you some dollars. But to make a food blog successful and to make good money from it, you need to take care of something extra .  What's that extra that differentiates a great food blog from the ordinary? Before discussing that, let us recapitulate the food blogging scene. What is a food blog? How do food bloggers maintain blogs? A food blog is a blog that deals with human food. That is too simplistic a definition of food blog, because food blogging covers a vast area including  maintaining a kitchen garden picking up the best veggies and fruits ingredients: their types, usage recipes/ cuisines: differnent types according to location (English/ Scottish, Continental, Asian, Indian, Chinese), ingredients (vegan, non-veg), base (mutton, pasta, gluten free, dairy), cooking style (baked, fried), serving time (breakfast, lunch), taste (spicy food, sweetmeats/ desserts), etc foods for special ne