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How to make money blogging for beginners: sharing experiences of big bloggers

We have a number of articles on how to make money, mostly keeping the beginners or new bloggers in mind.  This article is different. In this one, I am sharing experiences of bloggers who earn handsomely from blogging . It is easy to see a common thread running across all of them - taking blogging as an enterprise, but all have different ways to make money blogging. You should go through each of them to find which type of monetization suits you. After that, you should also find the types of blogs that make money in your country and your blogging niche. At the end of this article, I give a summary list of how the established bloggers who have been reviewed here make money blogging. (If you want to jump to the end, click on the link: summary of experiences on how to make money from a blog .) So, here we go! Top bloggers with big incomes On some websites, we find lists of top-earning bloggers. Forget blogs that are now big portals than blogs (e.g. Huffpost, Viperchill), even some who have

Google search technology updates for 2021: SEO takeaways

We have many articles on this blog on SEO or search engine optimization for beginners . You can go to the link if you are very new to SEO. The present article is also for new bloggers, beginners and small website owners but slightly advanced. If you want to go straight to tips rather than deeper discussion, go to the last section of the post (SEO tips/ takeaways for beginners). Though Bing is a big search engine and Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, Baidu and some others are preferred search engines for some, Google dominates the web/ mobile search scene with 87% market share. So, if you are interested in constantly improving the search performance of your website or blog, you should keep updated about what Google does on the search front. Search engine optimization and Google algorithm changes Google regularly comes out with changes to its search algorithms and supporting actions for making search as user friendly as possible. Google has gone on record that it makes thousands of minor changes in a