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Is serverless web hosting the best option for blogs and small businesses?

The use of serverless in hosting/ computing parlance is not new but this concept is gaining ground because of its high versatility and low costs. Don't be in any doubt about this: servers are very much required for a website or app to work online. As a publisher, you need not worry about the server if your website or program is on the cloud. Bloggers and small business owners who maintain their own websites can gain from this type of hosting. It is especially useful for those  in the business of offering apps and computer codes. Now Microsoft Azure is offering serverless website making on its platform. Amazon's AWS already has serverless offering on Lambda. Google is offering it since 2008 and claims to have improved it significantly in the latest versions. What is serverless computing? Wikipedia defines serverless computing like this: Serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model in which the cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation of

SEO terms in simple language

You keep hearing SEO jargon from other bloggers, experts and also SEO experts. These can sometimes look profound and confusing. In this glossary, let me simplify the SEO jargon for you. 404 not found : When a linked webpage does not exist, the visitor gets '404 not found' status on his browser. If a website has many webpages that have gone dead or their URL has changed, that is a bad SEO signal because visitors do not get what they look for.  algorithm : The set of formulas that search engines use for calculating how important a webpage is, from search point of view. The algorithm used by Google is so popular, we call it Google algorithm . Search companies keep their algorithms secret so that SEO experts and hacks do not use it artificially to jack up search ranking of their webpages. (Algorithm is a general computer term used for a set of formulas for any problem-solving.) alt attribute : This is a way to give a description to images, and is written in HTML. This description o

How search engine works

What is search engine? In simple words,  search engine is a tool that finds results when someone searches the web. There is a search engine within our computers, which searches files, images etc stored within the computer, but search engine  mostly refers to searches on the web.  How search engine works on the web? To make a search, you give an input (type a query or submit a photo or say a query to voice assistant) and you expect the results to come out within a second. It is not possible for any program or tool to search the entire web (=world wide web) real-time in a few seconds because the web is enormously big and millions of searches are made every minute.  So, what the search engine does is to make an index of webpages . It is like a list of webpage that the search engine believes are useful to answer search queries. For populating this index, a software (called search bot or web crawler ) keeps crawling the entire web all the time and whenever it finds something of use, it i

Using H tags on posts to improve blog seo, readability

Do you know that websites are allowed to have 6 levels of heading tags , and that these tags help in improving blog SEO (search engine optimization)? If you are a new blogger or web content creator who is not familiar with HTML, this post will help you write content in a way that it helps readability as well as SEO by taking an HTML-based action without knowing HTML! What are HTML tags? Webpages are written in a language called HTML. A protocol or set of rules associated with this language makes a webpage available to us when we type its URL or link; that is why the URL of websites and their individual webpages starts with HTTP.  Even when other languages such as PHP and JavaScript are used for various functionalities on a webpage, the HTML makes its basic framework. HTML is written as a collection of tags. In simple terms, HTML tags tell how the element associated with the tag will render on the browser. For example, <p> tag is for making a paragraph and <b>  tag is for m

Art blogging

In this article, I comprehensively discuss different aspects of blogging on art and related subjects, and also share best practices in the industry.  Since this is a comprehensive article, you can jump to a section if you do not have time for the whole article. I will advise new bloggers to particularly pay attention to the section on starting an art blog . Contents What are art blogs? Why should an artist have a blog? How to start an art blog? As an art blogger, what is your audience? What should art bloggers blog about? What mistakes an art blogger should avoid? How to make money blogging on art subjects? Best practices for art blogging Useful resources on art blogging What are art blogs? Art blogs are the blogs that showcase and discuss art in different forms - usually visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, designing, computer graphics, folk art, street art, cartooning, etc.) Application of arts in different walks of life or commerce (e.g. fashion art, home decor,

How to write a blog post in a professional way

If you are a new blogger, or you are a blogger for a long time but have not explored the features available on the post editor of your blogging platform, you will love this article because it tells you how to make your blog posts better looking and more readable. The small tips given here will also improve your blog's performance on search engines. Please make it a habit to use these simple tips and tricks whenever writing posts on the blog. Though the blog post examples given here are from Blogger platform, the tips are equally good for Wordpress platform. In fact, you will be wiser using them for writing on any website. Give the blog post an interesting title. The title not only tells what the article is about, but it also attracts readers. For writing headlines that stand out and help in SEO, you can visit this post: Writing blog post headlines that make an impact Use heading tags for better readability, good SEO. On top of the post editor (or page editor), you have a tool to