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This post gets updated about once a year. The latest update is of December 2020.

Travel blogging has taken wings in India, though it started later than in western countries. We now have hundreds of bloggers who regularly travel and showcase their journeys on their blogs. Established travel bloggers share travel tips and blogging advice. Many of them have affiliation with travel/ food/ tourism/ culture/ airline industry through which they earn and also sometimes offer discounts to their visitors. The top bloggers in this niche monetize their assets well and are reported to be earning handsomely through travel blogging.

Though COVID has bruised this blogging niche badly, things are improving now. Hats off to travel bloggers who have maintained their blogs and continued with travel during this trying period! Vaccines have started being administered, and we can hope to say bye to lockdowns and restrictions on travel in the coming months.

We give here links to top Indian travel blogs. Most of them have found a place in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, but we have also included some outstanding blogs that could not be included in the Directory due to some reason (e.g. not being regular of late).

top travel blogs in India
India has a vast variety of travel locations.
Nothing beats Taj Mahal
as the representative of India as a travel destination.

You will like to visit these blogs for getting first-hand experiences, tips, etc. If you are a budding travel blogger, you can also learn from the way they maintain their blogs, especially the topmost ones: blog design, use of SEO, frequency of posting, navigation, quality of content, social media integration, how they use photographs, how they attract visitors and how they keep them glued to the blog, and so on. Of course, for new travel bloggers, we have a series of posts starting with this: How to make a travel blog

Here is the shortlist of blogs maintained by top Indian travel bloggers, in English:

anamikaojha - Ana's World
aravindgundumane - Treks and Travels
beontheroad - Be on the Road
dhempe - Dhempe's Blog
enidhi - eNidhi India
footloosedev - FootLoose Dev
isharethese - iShare
myyatradiary - My Yatra Diary…
revolvingcompass - A Revolving Compass…
romancingtheplanet - Romancing the Planet
santwonapatnaik - Wander Bird
sujoyrdas - Trekking & Photography in the Himalaya
taleof2backpackers - Tale of 2 Backpackers
talesofanomad - Tales Of A Nomad
the-shooting-star - The Shooting Star
thesologlobetrotter - The Solo Globetrotter
thrillingtravel - Thrilling Travel
tickereatstheworld - Ticker Eats the World
travelbooksfood - Travel, Books And Food
travellingslacker - The Travelling Slacker
travelseewrite - Travel See Write
travelshoebum - The bum who travels
travelure - Travelure
viewtraveling - View Traveling

India travel blogs
Top India travel bloggers are also great globe trotters.


  1. Thank you for the honor. Glad to see ThrillingTravel as a part of this elite list.


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