How to write dazzling blog posts

Care for these 8 points and your blog posts will shine like gems.

‘Content is king’ is perhaps the best rule that has ever been told to a writer. It has become a cliché but its value has only increased with the advent of social media.

Many bloggers who have made good fortune tell you that they concentrate on content rather than bothering about popularity.

So, what makes the content that sells, that attracts attention, that is referred to by people again and again, that makes visitors come to the blog looking for more such content?

Here we give some qualities that differentiate good content from bad. These come naturally to some but others need practice and constant effort to improve the quality of their writing. Please bear in mind that quality content is not one-off affair, nor will it give quick dividends. You must churn out quality regularly; success will come as a by-product.

1. Choose the topic of each post on your blog with care.

You need to carefully select the topic for your post. 

First, the topic must be current. For example, if you have a news blog, you cannot be writing on a subject that has gone out of public memory. Even in very personal blogs, you need to select a topic that resonates with the reader's current memory. If you are dying to tell something from the past, give it a current intro and introduce the past event in flashback. 

Second, choose a field in which you have expertise, special knowledge or extra-ordinary experience. 

Third, if you have a general blog, write on a variety of subjects or the blog would turn monotonous. Of course, you may need to remain within a limited field if you have a specialized blog, e.g. a blog on food, clothing, old furniture, medicine or architecture. There too, you need to bring variety. Too narrow a field - such as 'migratory birds of the upper lake in Naukuchiatal' - would not only exhaust your own knowledge soon, it would interest a very small number of visitors.

You also need to look at the title of the post. Whether the post demands a pithy, smart or matter-of-fact title will depend on the subject. However, the title should always speak for the post. It should give crux of the issue in hand or say a moot point that goads the reader into reading the post. 

On the other hand, a very smart title, if it does not relate immediately to the content below, would lose its value in a moment.