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20 best practices for effective business blogging

WHAT IS A BUSINESS BLOG Simply speaking, a business blog is one that promotes a business. It can be part of the main website, or it can be a standalone blog. I assume that you already have a website, because no business - except perhaps nomadic or hyper-local trade - can survive without a website these days. Normal websites are static in the sense that their content does not change too frequently. Even if some part of it is dynamic [e.g. share quotes in an equity investment website] or a part is updated fast [e.g. websites introducing or reviewing new products], the updation is part of the core of website. On the other hand, the blog is there for updating on matters that the website may not do routinely (We'd come to that in the third section). photo courtesy: Pixabay The blog is not only an extension of the website but also a platform to engage existing and potential customers. But unlike Facebook and Twitter,  the blog is not a 'quickie' social networking pl

Best Indian literary blogs in English

  If you want to see the updated list please visit this list of top literary blogs in India . The post below is from maintaining archives of Top Blogs articles.   -------------------------- Topmost 2 dozen literary blogs in India We took out the top literary blogs in India out of the 2017 edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. We then did a lot of web search and found a few more good literary blogs written in English by Indian authors/ readers/ reviewers. That brings you these top Indian literary blogs in English.  We might have missed one or two good blogs on literature. If you have seen such fine blogs, please tell us and we'll include them here. ajaykontham - The Shaded Shadows anieshabrahma - Aniesha's Musings anureviews - Anu Reviews artofleo - I Rhyme Without Reason bookgeeks - bookGeeks ddsreviews - b00k r3vi3ws fatema - Life As Freya geetaavij - Fabric of Life inderpreetuppal - Inderpreet's Eloquent Articulation jaiarjun - Jabberwock