India's best art, craft and decor blogs

Art and craft blogs by Indians are hard to come by, nor are there more than a couple cartoon blogs. Many artists or art lovers create a blog but either leave them mid-way or become very irregular. Only a few are worth mentioning and we bring them to you here.

Art, craft, decor blogs: a collage / courtesy: Pixabay

(Blogs are arranged alphabetically.)
artbyaarohiblog - art by arohi
A professionally maintained art blog by Aarohi Singh, a painter who has mastery over many mediums.

arun-bohemianwanderer - Bohemian Wanderer
A cartoon blog by Arun Ramkumar, with over a thousand comic art resources.

cardsandschoolprojects - Cards, Crafts, Kids Projects 
As the name suggests, the blog is devoted to crafts for/ by children. Sonia SV has been maintaining the blog for the last 7 years.

designdecoranddisha - Design Décor and Disha
Disha Mishra Dubey writes on art and craft but her focus in the blog is on home decor with an Indian touch.  

indiandiy - The Indian DIY & Woodworker
You don't find many DIY and wood work blogs by Indians. Out of those shortlisted by us, we didn't find anyone matching this blog by Indranil. 

jayesh-sivan - Jayesh Sivan - Illustrations
Illustrator and designer Jayesh Sivan, the man behind the blog, has the talent to make live stories out of his illustrations.

komalinunna - Entertaining from an Ethnic Indian Kitchen
Food blog in this collection? Yes, Komali Nunna's blog has good sprinkling of tablescaping, flower arrangement and garden layouts. 

plumage - Plumage
Uma Nair, an art critique and curator, maintains this blog on TOI platform. She has been writing on art for the last 29 years!

ranjanascraftblog - Ranjana's Craft Blog
You talk about an Indian craft, especially from ladies' perspective, and it is here! Ranjana Shankar writes on a range of subjects that include clay art, crochet, jewellery, painting and quilt making. 

sahisridhar - Rythmica
Sahithya Sridhar's blog talks about many lifestyle topics, and is especially rich in DIY ideas and art. 

thekeybunch - The Key Bunch
A professionally managed decor blog by Sharon, it has very refreshing ideas about sprucing up homes. 

There are some other good blogs on art and decor but we are missing action in them of late, so have not included them in this list. 

If you come across some fantastic blog on art, do let us know - we'd like to add our little muscle to promote them.

India's best current affairs and political discussion blogs

India has a fine tradition of discussing things out, though in recent times a trend to thrash out conflicting views with brute force is seen in society as well as among the intelligentsia.

On the social media, the majority of people behave like crowd. In most cases, they are either followers or haters. The polarisation might help people who are on the ascendence in power, but the win on social networks does not mean much; it is like how much crowd you have gathered for your political rally by way of 'mobilisation'. 

In the blogosphere, where you stay only when you are serious at least more than a benchmark, people write seriously and readers take them seriously. On some blogs, there is good amount of healthy, thoughtful, interaction.

You can see a list of blogs that discuss current affairs passionately and figure in this year's Directory of Best Indian Blogs. It so happens that many of them (marked #) are by columnists of one the most read newspapers of India, the ToI. Three blogs of this list (marked *) also figure in our Platinum list, or the creme of Indian English blogosphere.

chennaifocus - Chennai Focus news
calamurgargi - A POV
anindianmuslim - An Indian Muslim
citycitybangbang - City City Bang Bang#
cursor - Cursor*#

erratica - Erratica*#
extraordinaryissue - Extraordinary Issue#
globalmadarasi - Global Madrasi
globespotting - Globespotting#
gurcharandas - Gurcharan Das
indianomics - Indianomics 

justicekatju - Satyam Bruyat - Justice Katju
masquerader - Masquerader#
politically-incorrect - Politically Incorrect#
right-and-wrong - Right & Wrong#
ttrammohan - The Big Picture
thegoldstandardsite - The Gold Standard*

ITB has not chosen these blogs by the political or social line they take or the merit of their arguments, but for overall high quality that includes quality of language, consistency and regularity, and massive resource base created over time.