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Status of blogging in India: a quick appraisal in mid-2023

After two decades of constant rise, blogging in its original form has plateaued all over the world, and India is no exception. For self expression, content sharing and social engagement, individuals have hopped over to other platforms such as social networks and content sharing platforms (Facebook, Twitter/ X, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) in addition to instant messaging platforms/ apps (e.g. WhatsApp and Telegram). In fact, content creators do a form of blogging on these platforms. Mainstream blogging is not growing, and in fact it is declining in terms of numbers. However, it has evolved into a powerful tool for various purposes, including journalism, marketing, education, and activism.  Indian blogging has transformed from personal to professional in a big way in recent years. That has led to a greater proportion of well-maintained blogs, blog monetization and blogs as a medium of commercial/ corporate communication. Individual bloggers who have professionalized their blogs