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Popular online forums in India

Updated in September 2020

The list of Indian best forums online started with 23 active forums in 2012 and had about 40 forums at one time. The number of good forums has seen a decline in the last few years perhaps because now groups and communities on Facebook, Google Plus etc serve the purpose well. 

We had to remove two popular online forums recently from the list for wrong reasons: one forum was reported to be stealing data and one indulging in 'web forgery'. We have also removed 5 online forum sites for lack of activity while added some that have become active of late. The latest list has 30 popular online forums on different subjects relating mainly to India.

Though care has been taken that only the forums that have high credentials, appropriate content and ethical membership policies are included in this list, TopBlogs cannot be held responsible for any liability arising out of the use of these forums. Even if forum companies or their administrators are above board, forums can sometimes be used for nefarious activities by criminals posing as members. Visitors are, therefore, advised to be cautious while becoming members of forums.

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