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8 photoblog mistakes you must avoid

Bloggers often ignore some basic points when making a photoblog or making a photo feature for any blog or website. These include inaction or wrong actions relating to design as well as content. 1. Putting many high-resolution images on the blog You should not put more than one or two high-quality photographs on the blog. One or two you may, because you might like to expose your talent to prospective buyers and other visitors.  High-quality photos mostly have a high pixel value, which may lead to slow loading of the page. In addition, stealing of photographs is rampant on the web. Stealing hurts in many ways and the worst non-commercial damage that someone can do is to edit the photo and misuse it especially if it has a person (especially children and beautiful faces). It is more difficult to morph low-quality photos. 2. No 'alt' attribute, caption or title on the photos Photos cannot be read by search engines, at least as of now. So, they cannot index the photo unles