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Selection criteria for the Directory of being included in the list of best Indian blogs

Updated as on 14th October, 2019. We have been compiling the Directory of Best Indian Blogs for nine years and have made a number of changes in selecting blogs for the Directory .  Starting with a complex formula that used Google PageRank, Alexa position, pageviews, etc, we changed to manual picking and have humanized our criteria progressively over the years. We believe that blogging is both a personal and social activity, and we do not hold a case against blogs on very personal matters as long as they meet our selection criteria. So, while a spirited, well-composed and regularly updated blog on one’s kid, dog or garden may get included, an extremely dull blog with copy-pasted newspaper columns, not allowing any sharing or interaction and not caring to provide any archive would get left out even though its content prima facie might look substantive. If we find great blogs, we’d not bind ourselves to a maximum number of blogs in the Directory . However, we intend to have a