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7 tips on how to organize resources for your travel blog and keep them safe

Organizing the stuff that is required for and generated during travels and blogging is very important but often ignored. When we don't organize ourselves properly, especially when we amass huge resources (e.g. thousands of travel photos or hundreds of blog ideas), it leads to clutter and we tend to lose precious time in searching for the required thing and sometimes don't find it at all! We give here some simple tips on organizing oneself as a travel blogger.  1. Of course, nothing helps you remain in full control of yourself like a pocket diary .  You can use it for jotting down quick information before you transfer it to your electronic device, taking notes and gathering ideas. Keep a few pencils and a sharpener in your handbag in addition to a ball-point pen. Pencils are the best and fountain/ gel pens the worst in rainy or very hot/ cold weather. 2. Organize your electronic resources thoughtfully. I'll show you one way of doing it but you can have your own s

Tips and inspirations from successful travel bloggers

As promised, we bring you first-person insights from successful travel bloggers. This is the third post in the series on travel blogging. What successful travel bloggers have in common Let's give you the summary first. But be conscious of the fact that everybody's experiences are different from others'. Also remember that we are talking of a 'generation' of bloggers who did not have others to guide them or many pathfinders whom they could follow. Most of them would die rather than quit travel. Most are also avid photographers. May not be 'professional' photo journalist sort but they love clicking photos all the time. A good number started travel blogging in a jerk. Many of them have left their 'normal' jobs to turn full-time travelers and bloggers. A few earn awesome amounts, many earn rather good sums and most of them (just to remind, we're talking of successful ones only) have learnt to live a spartan life. Perhaps the last type e

Travel blogging: don't ever ignore support activities

This is 2nd post in the series on travel blogging. You can visit the 1st one here: basics for new travel bloggers Well, professional travel blogging requires time, energy, some investment, passion. You also need to identify your weak areas and take outside help or learn the tricks of the trade yourself. You need proper gear. Well, you have taken care of all that. You have an appealing blog, which is updated regularly with good content. What next? Blogging alone does not make full-time profession, so don't ignore supplementary activities As for other types of blogging, blogging alone is often not enough when you take up travel blogging as your full-time profession.    The core blogging (writing blog posts and maintaining the blog) alone is like planting a single tree in the barren land. For creating a living forest, you need a variety of small and big plants which support each other, even the tallest tree. In the same way, a number of related works have to be undertaken


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