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What is lifestyle blogging

Updated in November 2020 What is a lifestyle blog? Before that: what is lifestyle ? Simply said, 'lifestyle' is how people live. Since living has individual, family and social dimensions, lifestyle naturally talks about all of these. Lifestyle connotes good living , not just living . When a blog talks about how to improve one's lifestyle  or discusses topics around lifestyle , it is a lifestyle blog. Lifestyle blog is a professional blog, with the aim to earn money from it.  A lifestyle blog mostly has beauty and fashion as main segments but just having them does not make a blog a lifestyle blog.  A lifestyle blog is one that deals with a combination of the following subjects, with prominence being given to 'style', i.e. fashion, personality and urbane matters.  Beauty and fashion Self-improvement, personality development Urban culture, socializing Relationships Home decor DIY, life hacks, crafts Health, food and nutrition Parenting Personal finance    

Why spam links on comment are harmful, and how to disable them using Blogger HTML editor

We have dealt with comment spam in detail earlier.  In this post, we'd discuss why links appearing on comments are not good for the blog, and specifically how to disable them on Blogger blogs. Why links on your blog's comment box may be bad When commenters put a few links, it could be their eagerness and good intentions to bring to your notice some useful and relevant content. But when a comment has irrelevant content or content that has been made artificially look relevant to search engines, it sure is spam. The comment has been made to pull traffic to the commenter's site and to add 'link juice' (=value that a website gets when it is linked from a good website) to a sham website. These serve the spammer's purpose well while reducing the value of your website/ blog.  As if that were not enough, spammers sometimes add links in comments . An even worse case is when the spammer puts a number of links and links to bad sites. Definitely these links are