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Category-wise list of top Indian blogs in 2018

Update: This post has been retained as an archive of our past work. We no longer issue a category-wise version of the list of best blogs of India. Kindly click on the link, if you reached here while looking for the latest list of top Indian blogs .  ---------------------------------------- The eighth edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs was released on 1st June, 2018. We are glad to announce that the category-wise version of the list of top blogs is now out. This year, as discussed in the directory release post last year, we have added lifestyle as a new category. A large number of bloggers, mostly women bloggers, have come to this field. Considering that 'lifestyle' is now in vogue in blogging, we had earlier talked about lifestyle blogging in this post: Lifestyle blogs are highly professional . We would be grateful if lifestyle blogger friends engage in discussion around this theme so that those attracted by this niche have a clear understanding of where they stan

What should your cookie policy say?

After the GDPR regulations came into force on 25th May this year, there is a lot of concern among website owners about using cookies on websites and among users whether to accept cookies or not. In the present post, we have collected useful information from highly authoritative sites so that you, the blogger, can yourself take informed action on use of cookies and displaying your cookie policy on your blog.  What is a cookie? A cookie is a small piece of information that websites leave on the visitor's browser. It helps the website in many ways such as assessing the user behavior so as to give the user a better 'user experience' later on or tracking how he/ she has responded to an advertisement placed on the website. Typically, cookies are small text files with a small piece of information in characters and digits. They are not malware and do not contain viruses or malicious code.   A cookie can be session specific or permanent. The permanent cookie resides on t