Mid-term updation of Indian best blogs' directory for 2019

Like in earlier years, we are updating the Directory of Best Indian Blogs in December to include good quality Indian blogs in English that have come to our notice since May. We thank hundreds of bloggers who have recommended their or others' blogs to us.

As you would know, we include blogs in the Directory in a very objective way, and without any financial consideration or asking the blogger for backlinks in return. Plus, we cannot include blogs that are poor in quality, especially in content, and those pushing copy-pasted or inappropriate content. Therefore, out of the new blogs that we have examined only a few get a place in the Directory.

During the mid-term review, we also check the existing blogs in the Directory for a major deterioration in regularity and a few other parameters. That has, like in the previous years, led to a few blogs dropping from the Directory.

The following are the new blogs in the Directory. Congratulations to the owners of these blogs for maintaining good quality blogs!

top Indian blogs in English

aditikapur -Panoramic Ripples
amritkauramy -Amrit Kaur
avibrantpalette -A Vibrant Palette
beingoptimist -Being Optimist
chitrasfoodbook -Chitra's Food Book
desicreative -DesiCreative
endlesselan -Epiphanic Moments
gleefulblogger -Gleefulblogger
hayyaahere -Hayyaa Here
invajy -InvajyC
khyatigautam -Bookish Fame
kitchenflavours -Yummy Food
maheshsowani -Heart of the matter
makeupandbeautyblog -Makeup Review And Beauty Blog
mansirana -Mansi Rana
moviesinmydna -Movie Reviews
mybooktours -My Book Tours
neelstoria -Seasons of Life!
onmycanvas -On My Canvas
orangewayfarer -Wayfaring the World
reviewbybookworms -Bookworm's Reviews
scienceandsamosa -Science & Samosa
shilpanairy -Shilpa Nairy
slimexpectations -Slim Expectations
sweetannu -SweetAnnu
vartikasdiary -Vartikasdiary
vidhyathakkar -Vidhya Thakkar
zarahatkeblog -zarahatkeblog

Hindi blogging: the best web magazines, collective blogs, aggregators in 2019 | हिंदी ब्लॉगों के समूहक, ब्लॉगिंग प्लेटफार्म और वेब-पत्रिकाऐं

The Indian blogging scene is seeing a more marked change as compared to its English counterpart. To a great extent it is due to these characteristics of Hindi blogging:

1. English blogging had much more time to grow and mature before it was marginalised by the social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Starting in 1994, English blogging reached its pinnacle sometime in 2005-8 and then its pre-eminence went down. Hindi blogging started much later but Hindi users adopted social networking almost simultaneously with English users.

2. English users have adopted professional blogging on a large scale. Hindi bloggers have remained personal bloggers. Those who wanted to express better or had problem with English or wanted to earn money through their creations on the web either switched to blogging in English or started posting on YouTube (and other video platforms) rather than sticking to mainstream blogging.

3. In its peak, around 2010-15, Hindi blogging was marked by a number of blog communities, aggregators, web-magazines and other forms of collective/ curated blogging. Once the importance of blogs as medium of communication declined, the relevance of many such efforts, especially communities, also went down. That has eroded the value of blogging as shared self-expression and creativity.

4. Some good newspapers had started blogs on their platforms, giving blogging a high pedestal in online publishing sphere. These would mostly be reproduction of their columns. but some of them allowed others to open blogs. That too is no longer prevalent, except for a few.

The present post lists the best among the remaining collectives on Hindi blogging scene and also prominent web magazines. However, in the case of aggregators, since they are feed-based compilations, not quality but regular updation has been considered. Please visit this link if you are interested in visiting the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs in 2019.

If you know of any other good entries that we have missed, please send them to us at kp.nd.2008@gmail.com.

हिंदी ब्लॉगोस्फीयर (याने ब्लॉग संसार) में कई बदलाव इन वर्षों में देखे गए हैं, जो कि अंग्रेज़ी ब्लॉगोस्फीयर की तुलना में अधिक बड़े हैं. इसके कई कारण हैं, उनमें से एक है हिंदी ब्लॉगों के समूहक, हिंदी ब्लॉगिंग प्लेटफार्म और हिंदी की वेब-पत्रिकाओं का क्षीण हो जाना.

इस पोस्ट में हमने हिंदी के प्रतिष्ठित समूहक, ब्लॉगिंग प्लेटफार्म इत्यादि के लिंक दिए हैं. (हालांकि समूहकों को गुणवत्ता के आधार पर नहीं आंका गया है क्योंकि वस्तुतः ये फ़ीड के माध्यम से स्वतः पोषित होते हैं.) अगर कोई उत्तम स्तर के वेब मैगज़ीन, ब्लॉगों पर चर्चा करते ब्लॉग या समूहक हमसे छूट गए हों तो इस ईमेल पर सूचित करने का कष्ट करें: kp.nd.2008@gmail.com.

A. Blog aggregators एग्रीगेटर / समूहक

blogalaya ब्लॉगालय
blogkalash “ब्लॉग कलश” 
blogkiduniya ब्लॉग की दुनिया 
blogparivaar Blog parivaar-ब्लॉग परिवार
blogsetu ब्लॉग सेतु
blogvarta ब्लॉग वार्ता
hamarchhattisgarh छत्तीसगढ़ ब्लॉगर्स चौपाल
hamarivani हमारीवाणी
hindiblogjagat हिंदीब्लॉगजगत
hindi-blog-list The Best Hindi Blogs - सर्वश्रेष्ठ हिन्दी ब्लॉग सूची
pksahni ब्लॉग "दीप"
sankalak चिट्ठा संकलक

B. Blogging platforms ब्लॉगिंग प्लैटफ़ार्म

navbharattimes नवभारत टाइम्स ब्लॉग्स

C. Blogs on blogs ब्लॉग्स की चर्चा करते ब्लॉग

blog4varta ब्लॉग4वार्ता
bulletinofblog ब्लॉग बुलेटिन
charchamanch चर्चा मंच

D. Web magazines वेब पत्रिकाएं

abhivyakti-hindi अभिव्यक्ति
anubhuti-hindi अनुभूति
arthkaam अर्थकाम
hindikunj हिन्दीकुंज
pravakta प्रवक्ता
rachanakar रचनाकार

Best beauty and fashion blogs in India in 2019

We bring you the list of top beauty and fashion blogs in India in 2019. Part of this list comes from the latest edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs and part from new discoveries by us during the last few months.

In India, even in the heydays of blogging, there were not many bloggers writing on beauty and fashion. However, in the last few years, a large number of bloggers have taken up this niche. Some of them are reported to be earning good money too. This list contains the best among Indian fashion and beauty blogs (of course, we might have missed a few despite our best efforts to find good Indian blogs in these niches).

The blogs listed here focus on beauty and/or fashion. Many blogs have come up in recent years, which deal with lifestyle topics but do not post regularly on beauty and fashion. Such blogs have not been included in this list.

bbeautilicious - Be Beautilicious
bhushavali - Fashion Panache
giasaysthat - Gia says that
highheelconfidential - High Heel Confidential
jhallidiva - Jhalli Diva
loftyspectrums - Lofty Spectrums
newlove-makeup - New Love - Makeup
sayeridiary - Sayeri diary
stylishbynature - stylish by nature
tashiara - tashiara
thegirlatfirstavenue - The Girl At First Avenue
thepinkvelvetblog - The Pink Velvet Blog
tinabasu - Tina Basu

blogs on fashion, beauty, lifestyle