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How to avoid a slap from Google and maximise gains from keywords

There was a time when SEO pundits told you to stuff your website with paying keywords and the site would be on top of the search engine pages and (therefore) would generate huge incomes. In fact, many early website owners made good money doing that. Then s earch engines got smarter and Google, the daddy of search engines at present, started penalizing websites for keyword stuffing. In recent changes, Google has become (i) very strict and unsparing of unnatural action that is taken to boost traffic or search position, and (ii) very smart at knowing the intent of searchers so that they get relevant search results for their queries. Reams have been written on how to bring your content to the top of search pages without annoying today's smart search engines. Without going into the theory behind the science of web search, we bring you top tips that are up-to-date, ethical and effective. 1. Relevance is what Google, Yahoo and Bing want Do not put keywords that are not releva

How to write great headlines? What's the best online headline analyzing tool?

Why are good headlines important, especially for blog posts? If you are convinced that headlines are very important, you can go straight to the second part below: list of best free headline analyzing tools. There is no doubt that beautifully written headlines draw attention to written content like nothing else. A bold image is the only exception. Experienced writers know it, copywriters and advertisers know it, sub editors in newspaper offices know it, text monitors in television newsrooms know it. Well, good bloggers also know it. What is a great headline? A bit of theory before we come to the tips part. The quality of headline depends on the expressions that we put in it. Expressions can be categorized in the following way, in decreasing levels of impact: Emotions : Emotions are the most irres istible expressions, whether in text or visuals or music. In the case of headline, you can play with words for creating fear or greed or anger