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Best fonts for websites and blogs

Many to choose from on Blogger, WP When you created your website or blog, did it come to you that fonts are an important factor for look & feel and readability of the site ? Perhaps not. Even professional web designers do not think beyond serif vs non-serif font issue - except a few. This post is mostly for you to appreciate the importance of fonts and have general knowledge about these. F or web design professionals , th is could perhaps act as a reminder . First, some theory behind using fonts on websites We take fonts for granted, but they have a personality. With that they either enhance or reduce the overall look and feel of a webpage. The difference might look insignificant but the right font gives a psychic edge to the page; some fonts invite readers, some are indifferent, some repel. This also depends on who the readers are. Fonts are described in different ways. For example, fonts with flare or little hooks (=serif) at the end of strokes are called serif fon