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Internal linking for SEO and better content discovery

If you ask me what is the Search Engine Optimization (=SEO) best practice that you can follow without much effort and with great impact, I will say, on your new posts, give links to top posts from the past.  This is called internal linking . It is a good practice to do internal linking for SEO, but it is also good for content discovery on the website/ blog. Linking to other posts leads to deeper visitor engagement on your blog/ website, especially when visitors find high-quality content on other webpages. This results in higher positioning of your web site on search engines, higher traffic , higher visitor satisfaction, chance of making money and so on.    Internal linking looks routine SEO and is often ignored. But it is one of the easiest ways to offer more content to visitors without your having to create it again.  You can give links to other posts in many ways such as - Links within the body of the blog/ website, referring to specific resources Links given in widgets such