About 'Top Blogs' website

The Top Blogs is a collective effort of professionals in web design, journalism, image processing and creative writing. Prabhakar - a blogging enthusiast based in NCR, Delhi - is the public face of Top Blogs. We can be reached at kp.nd.2008@gmail.com.

The goal of Top Blogs is to help new and struggling bloggers and small business owners by sharing tips, updates and successful bloggers' experiences. We also give handholding tips at a personal level to very new bloggers. 

In the area of showcasing/ listing good blogs, we have limited ourselves to Indian blogs. Since 2010, Top Blogs has been regularly bringing out a directory of top Indian blogs in English, a directory of top Hindi blogs and lists of top Indian blogs in different categories, Indian online forums, online Hindi magazines, etc.

In its journey of over a decade, Top Blogs has intermittently provided other free services to bloggers, e.g. brief or detailed review of blogs, free images, free social service ads, and troubleshooting minor blogging issues through email.

Top Blogs' ethical commitments

  • Top Blogs does not promote any website or brand or individual for commercial consideration. If at any time it reviews products or services or has any other affiliation with any brand, it clearly discloses the relationship.
  • It may have advertisements, such as (i) Adsense advertisements and (ii) social-cause advertisements [posted free of charge] and (iii) affiliate or commercial ads. However, these do not, at all, come in the way of integrity of the main content.
  • Top Blogs does not disclose the identity of blogs reviewed by the team.
  • All the listings issued on Top Blogs are without any consideration.
  • Top Blogs allows bloggers to put its badges on their blogs. This is voluntary and in no way affects a blog's inclusion in a listing.

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