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Please send details of your problem to kpnd@indiantopblogs.com. Pl do not make generic queries (e.g. how can I start a blog or why am I not getting traffic on my blog). Please do not spam with many queries.

About us

The Indian Top Blogs is a collective effort of some friends who are professionals in web designing, design, journalism and creative writing. Prabhakar - a blogging enthusiast based in NCR, Delhi - is the public face of ITB, but we prefer to call ourselves ITB team. We can be reached at kp.nd.2008@gmail.com.

ITB brings out
  • a directory of quality Indian blogs in English
  • a directory of quality Hindi blogs worldwide 
  • a list of best Indian forums.
All these lists are updated regularly. The two directories are being published every year since 2010 end.

ITB's ethical commitments

  • ITB does not promote any website or brand or individual for a commercial consideration.
  • It may have advertisements, such as (i) Adsense advertisements and (ii) social-cause advertisements [posted free of charge] and (iii) affiliate or commercial ads. However, these do not, at all, come in the way of integrity of the content.
  • ITB does not sell the results of blogosphere surveys.
  • ITB does not disclose the identity of blogs reviewed by the ITB team.
  • All the listings issued on ITB are without any consideration.
  • ITB allows bloggers to put ITB's badges on their blogs. This is voluntary and in no way affects a blog's inclusion in a listing.
  • ITB will remove an entry from a listing if its owner so desires or if we notice improper content on the blog entry.

Love you, and best of wishes!
ITB team