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Why not highlight your best post on Blogger with a featured post widget?

Blogger keeps adding new widgets (=gadgets) to its collection. We discovered a gadget that keeps one of your important posts on top. This feature was already there in Wordpress but was sorely missed on Blogger. This gadget allows you to put a title and show image if you like. You can put this gadget anywhere on the blog - top, bottom or sidebar. The Featured Post gadget is highly customizable. If you want to put the featured post on top of the blog, be sure that its image is not too small (it will pixellate as it'll try to fill the width of the blog) or too tall (it will push all your contend too much down). Or you can think not to include image in the widget. Also keep in mind that if you select the latest post as the featured post, it will show up near the post - you will have two versions of the same post near each other. Other useful but uncommon widgets on blogger If you have a blog on Blogger, we hope that you have had a look at major gadgets already. Howeve

Is blog part of your omnichannel strategy?

The terms 'omnichannel' is in vogue in marketing circles these days. But don't be unnerved by the jargon; it just refers to multi-channel retailing of products with emphasis on integration among the channels. The channels could be offline (e.g. store) as well as online (e.g. website). Omnichannel and blogging?? We'd try to answer two questions that might arise about omnichannel in the context of blogging:  Why and how does omnichannel matter to bloggers? How does a blog fit in retail omnichannel concept? Omnichannel matters immensely if you are using the blog to sell something - a product or service. That would also include a book blog, a review blog, a photography blog that also offers photos on payment. If you are not into marketing, it matters less but improves your understanding about growing the influence of your personal brand, and helps you grow your reputation and influence on the web. This in turn will surely result in better professional ne

Why AdSense rejected my application, and what should I do?

Updated: July 2020  Are you facing issues relating to Google AdSense sign up? Read on... AdSense pays. It pays rather well to bloggers if things are done right. Of course there are many factors that impact the amount of money that you can make from AdSense. We have talked about that in a separate post. Of late, AdSense requests seem to be getting rejected in higher numbers than before, mostly because of laziness on the part of the blogger or his greed to get rich overnight by earning from the blog. We have seen comments on the web that new bloggers cannot get AdSense accounts approved, Google does not approve blogs on free platforms, etc etc. By our experience with blogging and through discussions with bloggers, we are sure that for an ethical and hard-working blogger, there is nothing to worry and AdSense remains one of the easiest and sure-shot methods to earn from blogging.  However, it is always better to take precautions so that the chances of success increase. Let's che