Why not highlight your best post on Blogger with a featured post widget?

Blogger keeps adding new widgets (=gadgets) to its collection. We discovered a gadget that keeps one of your important posts on top. This feature was already there in Wordpress but was sorely missed on Blogger.

This gadget allows you to put a title and show image if you like. You can put this gadget anywhere on the blog - top, bottom or sidebar.
The Featured Post gadget is highly customizable.

If you want to put the featured post on top of the blog, be sure that its image is not too small (it will pixellate as it'll try to fill the width of the blog) or too tall (it will push all your contend too much down). Or you can think not to include image in the widget.

Also keep in mind that if you select the latest post as the featured post, it will show up near the post - you will have two versions of the same post near each other.

Other useful but uncommon widgets on blogger

If you have a blog on Blogger, we hope that you have had a look at major gadgets already. However, we do not see these gadgets often on blogs: 

Slideshow: This widget is very useful in photography blogs or blogs with many photos associated closely with posts (e.g. travel blogs, food blogs). A good slideshow helps in showcasing the best in the blog and also spruces up the design.

Video Bar: This widget allows you to show YouTube videos on the blog. It is very useful in blogs that need to show how a thing is done or to visually show an event. For example, you can easily show the  preparation of a food item or a DIY tip with the help of a small video. The video need not be your own.

Poll: You can have this widget in the sidebar and take poll on something on which you want to know opinion of visitors. It could be a hot political issue or about yourself or your blog or anything else.

One caveat: Use widgets on the blog wisely. Do not put a widget only because it looks interesting or hip. Too many widgets have the tendency to clutter the blog/ website. Also note that widgets should supplement the main content and not distract attention from it. Do visit this post on what to keep in mind when applying widgets on a blog.

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