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Blogs score over Facebook, Twitter and Google+, believe us!

This is an old post. Even while transitional old posts have been removed from TopBlogs, this one is being retaining it as it serves an archival purpose. In 2013, Technorati used to bring out such reports, Google Plus was buzzing. One takeaway, however, is very relevant all the time for blogging: blog regularly and produce high-quality content. This post is based on a TechnoratiMedia document, called ‘2013 Digital Influence Report’. This latest study by Technorati gives very interesting insight into the behavior of brands and consumers when it comes to their engagement with social media. Facebook, Google+, Twitter or blog: whom do the consumers trust most? One question that the report tries to answer is what platform do the consumers trust the most in taking buying decisions on the net. The answer – obvious to us ;) – is blogs! Blogs are trusted by consumers more than Facebook and Twitter, and we sort of knew it, but it comes to us as a surprise that blogs ran