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Travel blogging: how to succeed without pain, have fun

This is first in a series of posts on travel blogging. Starting with the very basics in the present post, the series will take us to essential blogging kit for travel bloggers, professional tips, reliable resources on the web, and do's & don'ts .  In preparing these posts, we have spoken to 9 travel bloggers (and the talk continues till the last post is written) to get their first-hand experience and tips/ cautions and have browsed a hundred good travel blogs to know their best practices. This first post is for you if you are a regular traveler and want to have a travel blog for sharing your experiences and making money too. More experienced and established bloggers may find some information and tips given here rather elementary. Before we go to actual work and tips, let's be realistic about what a normal travel blogger can achieve. Travel comes first. The foremost thing that we want to tell you is that your lack of skills in blogging can be compensate

How to choose the best web host?

Updated: August 2020 You start a blog and put hard work into blogging. Soon you find that you need more web resources - space, bandwidth, security - and you look for a web host better than the one you have.  This happens often with the blogger buys a basic web hosting plan and the blog grows faster than the blogger's expectations.  Not much is lost if you face this issue. Most web hosts these days are glad to upgrade the hosting plan for a fee, especially for cloud-based hosting plans. Yet, it is better to try projecting the blog's requirements for at least 2-3 years.  Choosing the right web host Consider various factors that are relevant for your website/ blog, and then  pick the web host that suits your needs . I discuss below some key points that many bloggers miss while looking at the numbers flaunted by web hosting companies to lure customers. What makes a good web host? A big name is no guarantee but it helps. Generally speaking, big web hosting companies maintain a minim