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Blogging benefits beyond the basic purpose

Before I take you to the advantages of blogging, may I ask you three questions?  Let me begin by asking: Why do you blog? You purpose or provocation for blogging could by any - informing people, sharing thoughts, keeping in touch with friends, selling products and services, making money, or just keeping an online diary of whatever comes to the mind.  My second question: What do you gain from blogging?  Your answer could be any - getting dollars, supplementing business, helping build brand, informing people about my latest activities, promoting a social cause, or just satisfying my urge to create something.  Lastly, may I ask you: What do you lose in blogging?  With so many free blogging platforms available, I don’t think one will lose in terms of payments for site designing and web hosting charges. If I am a professional blogger, chances are that I spend a lot of time and energy in maintaining the blog - but that gives me handsome returns. So, I blogging is not a lo