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Detailed observations on Indian blogging in English

...continued from the previous post on the release of the listing of topmost Indian Blogs... [The present post, published in June 2011 relates to examining over 5k Indian English blogs in the last six months, manually, to come out with a distilled list of top Indian blogs.] --------- Well, the task of ranking blogs for quality was enormous. Consider four of us giving marks to each blog on each of the many criteria, mixing marks given by each member, filtering blogs based on these criteria, examining the remaining blogs again and screening them for more stringent criteria... Even after this big exercise, we are sure that many will find fault with our ranking of top Indian blogs into Platinum, Gold and Excellent blog categories.  Content quality: We keep this as the top criterion for selecting a blog in the top blogs list and then ranking it higher within the listing. Content quality is a very subjective concept but we boiled it down to such clear criteria: quality of language, error-

Top Indian blogs in English

This is one of the two articles published in 2011 with detailed observations on how the Indian blogging was faring. Much has changed since then but it is interesting to know how blogging was ruling the social media at that time and Top Blogs team was working hard to manually select blogs and then rank them in three categories. By the way, this was the first full-fledged compilation of top Indian blogs in English by Indian Top Blogs . The categorization was later discontinued and a single listing of top blogs was produced and called the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. You can visit the latest edition of the directory of top Indian blogs at this link. ------------- We are pleased to announce the results of June Indian Blogosphere Survey, 2011. Out of over 5,000 blogs that we screened, we ended up with 98 outstanding blogs. These have been ranked as platinum (14), gold (18) and excellent (66) blogs.  Congratulations to the bloggers whose blogs have been ranked by us or figure in the ‘