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Are you a tech blogger? This post is for you!

Many bloggers start their blog because (i) they want to make quick bucks or (ii) they are f ull of energy and ideas and thin k they will do what all other bloggers have failed to do. We have seen numerous blogs go down because the blogger did not realize that blogging is a long-term business. Also because they are not able to sustain the momentum and energy level .   Interestingly, in most cases such bloggers are those who should be succeeding in blogging better than others; they are tech enthusiasts ! Many blogs by techies are of the third type. A number of techies, especially those who have e nrolled in computer engineering or passed out the degree, often feel that blogging is their natural cup of tea because they know the technology behind the blog and they can tweak the blog like no other can. Beware, if you are one of them! Make the best use of your tech knowledge but don't be its slave You know HTML, Java and other computing languages, all right. You can

How relevant is blogging? Should brands adopt it or forget it?

Blogs are not import ant for big brands, isn't it? If blogs are so important for people wanting to express themselves on a regular basis using the web, blogs are also an important part of big websites or portals. Believe it, it's a fact. Most big produc ers, sellers and service providers have their blogs where they update customers about the ir new products. The more savvy ones go beyond that; they discuss new technological or marketing developments in their area of work and also give tips on how to make the best of the product/ service. Big brands know the value of blogs. And of course they know that for more direct and instant communications, there are better options . They use social netw o rk s or chats or more traditional methods (email, phone). So, differ ent platforms supplement each other and create synergy . Even platforms that seem to compete with blog ging also have blogs! Have you been keeping updated about what your favorit e networking platform is off

Blogging and social media advice that you must ignore

The web is full of advice on all subjects. Good Samaritans put a lot of effort to help others do their jobs better, and others give advice to earn bucks. It is fine in both cases. But what is not good is the advice that does not really help or it harms.  How do bloggers check whether the advice is worth it or is a shoddy c opy-paste job or is meant to mislead them? 1. Copy-pasted advice There are not many experts out there on the web. Most content gets recycled, either with attribution or by just copy-pasting (i.e. stealing) others' content . Copy-pasted advice may remain good if the original good piece is lifted fully; if it is badly edited just to avoid copyright issues, it might convey something different from what was intended by the original author. So, please go to tested sites for advice. Go deeper into the site than just browsing one or more posts, and you will know whether the author is an expert or a fake.  2. Untested advice At times you find advice that is hy