Data privacy and ethics policies of Top Blogs


1. This website uses cookies. But cookies are not malware. 

Top Blogs website may use “cookies” to enhance user experience. User’s web browser places cookies on his/ her hard drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes to track information about him/ her. User may choose to set their web browser to refuse cookies, or to alert the visitor when cookies are being sent. Please note that some parts of a website may not function properly when cookies are disabled.

2. This website captures other user data only when it clearly asks for that. And it never shares, sells or uses the data in any way other than specified.

Minimal data is collected when the visitor wants to subscribe to posts through the subscription form. The data is limited to name and email ID of the subscriber. If a visitor does not like to put that data when asked for, he/ she may refuse to do so.
Further, the opt-in form for subscription has links for unsubscribing or changing details. If you want to unsubscribe, you can do so by clicking the unsubscribe link on the email that you receive on subscribing.

3. This website sometimes has affiliate widgets/ links. They might track the user.

Affiliate marketing companies (e.g. CJ, Amazon) and advertisement aggregators (e.g. AdSense) may place some code to track the user. It is made abundantly clear that these agencies themselves need to take necessary actions so that they do not violate any laws on this matter. As a website owner, it is made clear here that this site does have advertisements which might track the user when he/ she clicks on them, beyond what is needed for sales purposes. 

4. Top Blogs never recommends software or utilities on commercial considerations.

If at any time, a recommendation is made for which we are paid in cash or kind or on reciprocation basis, the same will be clearly mentioned alongside the recommendation.


Our ethical commitments have been spelt out in About Us page. In short, 
  • Top Blogs does not carry inappropriate content -  one that goes against the dignity of human beings and the well-established social norms.
  • Top Blogs does not carry advertisements and content relating to gambling, suicidal games, etc that might cause harm to individuals, families and the society.
  • Top Blogs does not carry surrogate ads or hidden ads or ads that mislead visitors to commercial pages.
  • Top Blogs does not charge for listing of best blogs in different categories (e.g. best literature blogs, best food blogs) or the listings of top Indian blogs and top Hindi blogs. Putting a badge linking the listing is completely voluntary. 
  • If Top Blogs charges money for anything (e.g. display ads), it does so with full transparency. 


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