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What is HTTPS? How do HTTP and HTTPS protocols work?

If you are new to the world of managing a website or blog, words such as HTTP and HTTPS might confuse you. So, this article starts with the very basics such as "what is HTTPS". If you are already there on the scene for long but have ignored implementing HTTPS on your website or blog, you better brush up your knowledge and install HTTPS on your website without losing time. For easy understanding, I have broken this article into sections. You can jump to a section by clicking on the link here: What is HTTPS? What is SSL? How does HTTPS work? Types of HTTPS How to install SSL certificate on your website?       WHAT IS HTTPS HTTPS is a secure way of transmitting data between a website and a web browser. The first expression in any web address or URL is http:// or https://. Even if the browser at times does not show this, it is there, hidden from our view.   Websites (static websites, portals, blogs, forums, social media entities are all different forms of websites) can be seen on

Pencil, one of the best free software for drawing shapes, website wireframes, flow-charts

We have been introducing good free software and online tools, after testing them for various parameters. The two most important aspects that we keep in mind before recommending a piece of software is its being (i) free from harmful code and (ii) sturdy and dependable.  In this post, let's talk about a free, open-source sketching tool, Pencil , that can make documents with different shapes. [Before we move further, let us be sure to download it from the official website; on the web, old versions with limited features are available, which might not work properly.] Pencil is very simple and highly resourceful for some simple tasks for which we do not need to buy expensive and hard-to-learn software. The tasks that Pencil can do beautifully and easily include: Drawing flowcharts and similar diagrams . If you have MS Word or any other Office Suite installed on your computer, you can draw such diagrams using them. However, shapes do not always behave normally on Word, etc when you try to