India's best literature blogs

Updated in 2021

We have been bringing out a list of best literature blogs in India, in English, for the last 7 years. 

The present list includes the best literature blogs in 2021, maintained by individual bloggers or their enterprises. There are many other good literary blogs that we know of, but they could not be included as they were not regular in posting. 

Indian English blogging, like other online formats of expression and socialization, is constantly undergoing changes. New, especially young, bloggers now create professional blogs as they no longer need blogging for their personal social networking needs. For personal shares and networking, they prefer instant platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

In India, much of the blogging on literature in local languages still remains hobby-centric, not professional. One area in which bloggers of Indian languages beat literary bloggers in English is classic and popular literature. The literature niche of Indian blogging is not as rich and engaging in English as in local languages, mostly because English is not the mother tongue of over 95% of Indians. Obviously, non-English writers can express themselves much better in their mother tongue than English-speakers whose mother tongue is not English. 

On the other hand, literary blogging in English is getting mature fast. It is much more professional in content, and the blogs are also maintained more professionally.  In the Indian English literary blogging scene, we find a mix of blogs, such as:
  • blogs by published authors
  • blogs created by those who want to take up literature/ writing as a career
  • book review blogs
    • standard blogs on book reviews
    • book reviews on sites such as Goodreads and Reedsy
  • literary blogs (even if they don't call them blog) in portals of newspapers/ magazines, publishers
People who are active in literature, whether as readers or writers, tend to open blogs for satisfying their literary urge. Till some years back, literary blogging in India was limited to sharing one's own writings/ musings and about good books one had read. Poems, short fiction and responses to blogging contests (e.g. Friday musings) ruled the literary blogging sphere. Now, the literary blogging scene is dominated by book review bloggers. Many book readers have graduated from just reading books to reviewing them. Some of them have established themselves and are reported to be making good money out of blogging.

Authors/ writers also open blogs to promote their books. Many literary blogs maintained by writers give extracts of their books, sometimes give away their books, seek readers' opinion and engage in literary discussion. Their blog also acts as a hub for their social activities on social media and book platforms such as Goodreads.

Many literary agencies and book publishers have opened blogs as part of their portals to share updates. 

Publishers and agents maintain websites, but they seldom have rich literary discussion. 

Some years back, it was difficult for Indian bloggers to earn from literature niche mostly because there were very few English book readers, and readers did not buy books online. In recent years, the number of English book readers, web surfers and online book readers/ buyers has gone up significantly, and thus literary blogging in English is a paying niche in India.  

If you include non-fiction, the scope expands manifold. Many bloggers graduate into book writing and many writers open a blog in the subject of their expertise. Some bloggers whose blogs are listed in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs have reported that they have received writing/ speaking assignments and published books based on their blogging.

Indian literature blogs
Here is the list of top 23 literature blogs in India. Blogs are arranged according to the operative part of their URL, in alphabetical order.

abhijitbhaduri - Abhijit Bhaduri
abracabadra - Abracabadra
akswrites - Akshata
anureviews - Book Reviews by Anuradha Goyal
bookgeeks - India's Best Book Blog
bookishelf - The Bookishelf
ddsreviews - Bookish Indulgences
geetaavij - Fabric of Life
inderpreetuppal - Inderpreet's Eloquent Articulation
jaiarjun - Jabberwock
kiranmanral - Kiran Manral
khyatigautam - Bookish Fame
maniparna - Scattered Thoughts
meotherwise - Me Otherwise
nishitak - Nishita's Rants and Raves
outsetbooks - Outset
preethivenugopala - A Writer's Oasis
preetishenoy - Preeti Shenoy
privytrifles - Lacuna
reviewbybookworms - Bookworm's Reviews
shanayatales - Shanaya Tales
soumya-hintofme - LOL: Life Of Leo
themystiquebooks - The Mystique Books

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