Best Hindi blog aggregators, web magazines

updated in October 2018
In the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs we used to carry Hindi blog aggregators in earlier editions but from 2014 we stopped including them. So is this list of best Hindi blog aggregators as well as best Hindi web magazines.

Like the Directory, the present listing keeps only the websites that meet a minimum standard of blogging. We have tried to judge them on the criteria that are close to our hearts: content, regularity, design, navigation, engagement, resources...

Let's make it clear that blog aggregators are websites that pull updates from connected blogs through automated feed syndication. Thus, there is no great effort made by the websites in maintaining such lists.  

There is another group of websites/ blogs that manually curate blogs. They take pains to read updates on various blogs and bring them to their readers. Such blogs are included in the list of 'blogs on blogs'.

Among blogging platforms maintained by big newspapers, only Navbharat Times maintains good Hindi blogs in 2018. 

In the Hindi web magazines section, we have included blogs that have turned into web-magazines, and e-magazines that have been created as such. We have included only those mags that are at least 6 month old and are being maintained regularly. Commercially inclined web magazines, web editions of print magazines in Hindi and mags run by institutions, newspapers or companies have not been included.

We will miss some very good Hindi web magazines and curators of Hindi blogs, which used to serve the Hindi blogosphere so well but have gone out of publication.

This lists have been updated in October 2018.

A. Blog aggregators एग्रीगेटर / समूहक

blogalaya  ब्लॉगालय
blogkalash ब्लॉग कलश
blogparivaar  Blog parivaar-ब्लॉग परिवार
blogsetu ब्लॉग सेतु
blogvarta ब्लॉग वार्ता
hamarchhattisgarh  छत्तीसगढ़ ब्लॉगर्स चौपाल
hamarivani  हमारीवाणी
hindiblogjagat  हिंदीब्लॉगजगत
hindi-blog-list  The Best Hindi Blogs - सर्वश्रेष्ठ हिन्दी ब्लॉग सूची
sankalak  चिट्ठा संकलक

B. Blogging platforms ब्लॉगिंग प्लैटफ़ार्म

navbharattimes नवभारत टाइम्स ब्लॉग्स

C. Blogs on blogs ब्लॉग्स की चर्चा करते ब्लॉग

blog4varta  ब्लॉग4वार्ता
bulletinofblog  ब्लॉग बुलेटिन
charchamanch  चर्चा मंच

D. Web magazines 

abhivyakti-hindi अभिव्यक्ति 
anubhuti-hindi अनुभूति
arthkaam अर्थकाम
hindikunj हिन्दीकुंज
navgeetkipathshala नवगीत की पाठशाला
poorvabhas पूर्वाभास
pravakta प्रवक्ता
rachanakar रचनाकार
srijangatha सृजनगाथा

Directory of Best Hindi Blogs: announcing 2014 edition

The latest edition of the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs is here.

In the 2014 edition, which was released today, the blogs have been selected for their overall quality: quality of content, regularity, design, use of blogging for self-expression or sharing knowledge in a field, and use of language. 

Blogs have been arranged according to Roman alphabets (because arranging them according to Hindi alphabets creates confusion).

As we have indicated before, our assessment is based on 'overall' quality. So, you will find a few blogs with outstanding content but with not much concern for engagement. Blogs with great design but not so good navigation support. Blogs with good content and a lot of engagement but somewhat mediocre design...

Though we strongly denounce use of others' pictures without permission and without attribution, we have ignored this when the blogger has used low-quality generic pics to support the text, e.g. to buttress thoughts of the accompanying poem. Similarly, while we hate wrong use of matras and punctuation, we have ignored it when we found a blog excelling in many other parameters. Gaudy backgrounds and flashy text make a blog look childish but we have ignored that in a few cases, considering the commitment to blogging and contributing to blog-engagement.

Just to repeat our commitment to ethical blogging in Hindi, we assure you that in selecting the best blogs, we have applied no other consideration than quality of the blog and its contribution to blogging. Suggestions to improve the blog directory further in future are always welcome. 

At this link, you can have a glimpse of Hindi blogosphere in our previous post.

Here you can see the latest list of Hindi blog aggregators and web-magazines. 

हिन्दी के सर्वश्रेष्ठ ब्लॉगों की डाइरैक्टरी  का नवीनतम संस्करण आपके सामने है. 

2014 के संस्करण की बात करते हैं. पिछले संस्करण की तरह इस बार भी डाइरैक्टरी  में हिन्दी के सर्वश्रेष्ठ ब्लॉग सम्मिलित हैं. हम आपको भरोसा दिलाते हैं कि हम ऊँचे नैतिक मूल्यों के प्रति प्रतिबद्ध हैं और ब्लॉगों को चुनने में हमने केवल गुणवत्ता की परख की है. इस डायरेक्टरी में आपको कुछ ऐसे ब्लॉग मिल सकते हैं जो किसी एक मापदंड पर कुछ कमकर लग सकते हैं लेकिन जब आप उन ब्लॉगों के अन्य गुणों को परखेंगे तो पाएंगे कि कई अन्य मामलों में  उनका स्तर बहुत ऊंचा है.

हिन्दी ब्लॉग संसार में क्या है, इस पर हमारा लेख आप यहाँ पढ़ सकते हैं.

Hindi blogging: what is happening here?

updated in October 2018

We have completed 8 rounds of surfing the Hindi blogosphere for discovering the best blogs for the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs. We have summarized below our observations of the last 8 years of directory compilation.

Hindi blogging is evolving but at a slow pace

It is not that blogging in Hindi is what it was a decade back. Yet, many things have remained the same over the years. The observations we shared in 2012 in the two linked posts still hold good: part I ... part II

Hindi bloggers still tend to be full of energy, commitment to their blogs and a feeling of community. The sense of community - and it leads to discords and groupism also - is much stronger than seen among Indian English bloggers. Hindi blogs continue to lean towards literature, nostalgia and religion. Preaching is much higher than in English. The blogging scene is dominated by only a few blogs. There are many blog aggregators and well-composed web magazines in Hindi.

But when it comes to the 'look and feel' of the blog, the taste of a few otherwise good bloggers looks extremely unrefined. When you compare the design and overall looks of other blogs and these ones, you find the same difference as you see between an advertisement by Unilever (e.g. Lux, Surf) and that by a local vendor in a village fair. 

Please don’t misunderstand us. We are not saying that Indian folk/ rural taste is inferior to the modern urban taste. What we are emphasizing is that Hindi bloggers ignore the design elements so much that their blog look too gaudy, childish, even vulgar. The following link illustrates our point: Common design issues in Hindi blogs

Making money out of blogs is seen rarely and these factors seem responsible for this: 
  • The basic purpose of the Hindi blogger is to communicate.
  • Hindi blog readers do not explore/ buy things based on recommendations on Hindi blogs.
  • Hindi bloggers hesitate to experiment in uncharted areas.
  • Most Hindi bloggers are from humanities background and do not find skills enough to optimize and monetize their blogs.
  • The competition for earning money through blogging demands either high level of skills and investment into promotion etc. But most Hindi bloggers do not want to invest in the blog. 
  • Many techno-savvy bloggers who want to earn money from Hindi blogging have either migrated to English blogging or YouTube and Instagram.

That leaves only a bunch of bloggers who have a standard blog in Hindi and are earning from it. Like Hindi newspapers, Hindi blogs can break the notion that blogging in local languages cannot succeed professionally but the slow pace of evolution in Hindi blogging has so far left Hindi bloggers far behind their English counterparts.

What ails Hindi blogging at social level

Some things have changed for the worse.

There appears a palpable sense of frustration among a large number of bloggers. Bloggers (mostly young techies) who open blogs with the sole purpose of earning money keep losing interest as there is not much money here. 

What is a bad omen is not the failing of the money-minded techie but the dormancy or closing of shop by many erstwhile trail-blazers. Even worse is the lack of interest among newspapers to support blogging. 

Are Facebook, WhatsApp and now Instagram to blame for part of this? Perhaps not. You can blame social networking platforms for people not coming to mainstream blogging in as big numbers as they were coming earlier, but not for serious and established bloggers losing interest. Part of this could be growing groupism and quarrel among Hindi bloggers. The tendency to prove superior by showing a bigger and more committed readership than others could be marring healthy blogging in Hindi. This internecine feud is accentuated by the fact that most blogging in Hindi is on literary and social-political subjects, and not in scientific and technical fields, finance and economy, hobbies, commerce etc. So, instead of devoting time on creative hobbies, social cause and professions, bloggers tend to be obsessive about their little turfs.

In the last five years, many major aggregators have also gone dead.

Silver lining in Hindi blogging: self-expression like never before.

Who said, good blogging is not happening in Hindi or the total number of bloggers is going down? Despite it not growing the way we would like it to, there is a lot of buzz happening in the Hindi blog arena. Some good bloggers stay on – and the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs is a proof of that.

It is now easier to write Hindi in Devnagri script, new language features have come up on Blogger and Wordpress platforms, and it is possible to integrate all social media accounts (blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc). Some bloggers are making good use of such new developments. 

Some blogs have matured and are much more professionally maintained. Some bloggers who were wasting their energy in berating others have started concentrating on their writing. 

Though huge tag lists and blogrolls still appear on blogs, these are less common. Irritating self promotion also has come down. 

A few blogs have grown so big, they have become full-blown websites and even blog magazines. Think what would happen to the literary expression if there were no blogging: commercialisation of newspapers and magazines has made it difficult to survive based on content. Individuals who have not established themselves or who are not prepared to write according to the whims of media owners have no chance to appear on mainstream print. Blogging has given voice to them and after establishing themselves through blogging, many are accepted on the print media and have also published books.

The barrier of not being able to write fast and well in Hindi has been broken by the visual media: YouTube and Instagram, followed by Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. If 'blogging' is taken in its broad sense as it is accepted now, Hindi blogging on YouTube and other social sharing and networking platforms is growing fast. Quality on these platforms remains a matter of concern but we hope that there would be churn among them and only the best ones would make an impact. Perhaps that would lead to a new era - more mature and quality-driven - in Hindi blogging.

So many requests for inclusion in the blog directory!

This is in a way a self-congratulatory post. But we were overwhelmed enough to share it with our esteemed visitors. Forgive us for blowing our own trumpet.

Since the publication of the current edition [2013-2014] of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, we are flooded with numerous requests for including their blogs in the Directory. The response this time has been much more than in previous years. 

This makes our job harder and simpler in equal amounts. Harder, since we will have to check so many blogs even for the mid-year updation after six months; and simpler, because we are likely to find some excellent blogs that we have failed to discover on our own. 

Since we are keeping the Directory's size around a half thousand, the 'turnover' in the Directory has to be high. This year, about a third of the blogs listed in the previous edition had to go out of the Directory. Though we feel bad about such blogs, we feel that this will keep improving the overall standard of blogs in the Directory.

India's best blogs arranged category-wise

It is a fortnight since we released the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. As earlier, we try to fit the blogs of this Directory into different categories, some blogs finding place in more than one. Some categories tend to overlap, however best we try to define them.

The link given here takes you to the category-wise listing of India's best blogs. [At this link, you can see the alphabetical listing of blogs.]

We have grouped blogs of the 2013-2014 edition of the best blogs' directory into the following categories:
  • Art: This category includes blog on arts and crafts, design, decor and architecture. 
  • Audio-visual media: Blogs on music, movies and theatre find a place here.
  • Culture & Travel: We had to mix these two subjects as we found a good number of blogs with content that overlapped travel and culture. Also includes history blogs.
  • Current affairs: Blogs predominantly dealing with news and giving opinions on topical issues are kept here. 
  • Economics: Blogs on economic and financial matters, business management, leadership, entrepreneurship, jobs and product reviews [except beauty products] are placed in this section. 
  • Environment: This section also includes blogs on wildlife. 
  • Expatriates: This category has blogs by foreign nationals living in India. 
  • Fashion: Blogs on fashion as well as the beauty business and reviews of beauty products. 
  • Food: Cooking, diet, restaurant reviews.
  • Health: only one blog here but we thought we must keep the category alive.
  • Humour & satire: Blogs with humorous content, including in graphic and video formats.
  • Improvia: Blogs on self-improvement and spiritual matters, and also those on social issues have been put in this category. 
  • Information technology 
  • Literary: This section also includes blogs with a significant number of book reviews. 
  • Local matters: This category showcases blogs that talk of matters specific to a location.
  • Niche: When we found a blog on a very narrow theme, we put it here.
  • Personal matters, comments: This omnibus category includes blog in which bloggers write mostly on personal matters and also where they comment on any / many subjects. [However, where bloggers discuss mostly topical matters, such blogs find place in 'current affairs' category.] 
  • Photography 
  • Sports
Blogger friends whose blogs are there in the Directory and feel that their blog needs to be in a different category may write to us at : We'll have a re-look at their blog's categorisation.

Indian blogging communities and forums

The Indian blogging scene is live and kicking despite the meteoric rise in the popularity of social networking and bookmarking sites in recent years. 

But when it comes to blogging communities, there are just two of them that can be called good, and we have listed them below. Some good newspapers started blogs and then let them decay. 

Some Indian open blogging platforms - especially as part of portals of newspapers and television channels - started with a bang but have been abandoned now. Except of the Times of India blogs, there is no blogging section anymore on sites of major Indian media organizations. The list of top Indian blogs includes some blogs from this stable.

As of forums, there used to be some good forums - some general and some specific to narrow topics, but now only a few remain active enough. 


If you are an Indian blogger, you can can join them and become part of their community of blogs, and will be able to comment on others' blogs. You might get product offers and you can participate in contests run by the community administrators.

  • Blogadda [A community portal for bloggers, which brings bloggers to brands, organizes contests, helps in promoting blogs. You need to register yourself.]
  • IndiBlogger [Blogging community portal. Also organizes blogger meets, ranks blogs according to an 'Indirank'. You need to register yourself.]


You can join a forum by registering on it, and then you can participate in discussion within the forum on different topics. A number of active forums, general as well as niche, are there that focus on India. 

TopBlogs keeps udating the list of active forums. At this link, you can see the latest list of India's active forums.

A request regarding blog directory compilation

We are forced to write this post of no long-term value; do forgive us for that.

After we published a post announcing the compilation of the Directory of the Best Indian Blogs by May, we are flooded with email requests for inclusion of blogs. Though we have made our selection criteria very clear and also announced a pause to detailed review of blogs, we get numerous requests of various kinds. 

We request blogger friends desirous of seeing their blogs on the Directory of Best Indian Blogs for 2013-14 not to send requests of the following types, as it does not help you in any way and makes our task difficult:

  • In this Directory, we include only the blogs that are predominantly in English and are maintained by Indians [or if not by Indians, are on India]. We include Hindi blogs in another directory that we bring out later in the year. At present, we do not have directories for blogs in other Indian languages and non-Indian blogs. 
  • We suspended detailed review of blogs last year after we found submerged in the heap of requests. If we start it again, we'd announce that on ITB.
  • Please do not mix your request for showcasing your blog on ITB with the request for inclusion in the Directory. For showcasing a blog, we need the blogger to write a small USP about the blog. We are unable to showcase blogs unless they have a minimum standard and are updated regularly.
  • Please do not ask us to include the blog in the Directory if the blog does not fulfill the criteria mentioned in this ITB post.

Mid-year updation of the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs


As you'd know, ITB brought out the 2013 edition of the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs in September 2013. As earlier, we have checked the Directory for some general parameters during our mid-year review and have removed the blogs that fail to meet our selection criteria. We also have found new blogs of good value and added them to the Directory. We present here the outcome of this limited review. 

hindi blog directory

We also share our observations that we made during checking old and new blogs. We are also responding to comments received on the Directory page. Some of these might look repetitions as we have discussed such matters previously also, in respect of earlier compilations. So, here we are:

One, as of now we are not adding more than one blog of the same blogger. 

Two, though some webspaces are quite good, we couldn't include them in the Directory when we found them lacking in the craft of blogging. For example, if you are a Nobel Laureate in literature (We hope that one of our bloggers some day bags a Nobel Prize.) and have made a beautiful blog in which you have given details of your literary piece but have failed to update it for long, we’d not call it a blog even if it is on Blogger platform. 

Three, many bloggers have suggested their blogs to us but have ignored to update these very blogs. In one case, the blogger sent us a list of seven blogs, none of them updated for 15 months. We wish this gentleman had only one blog and he updated it at least once a month.

Four, as we mentioned in a comment on the Directory page, we are forced to remove blogs that contain malicious code. We again advise bloggers to be careful in putting widgets, advertisements and codes on their blogs. You can see here our earlier caution on using widgets and codes.

Let’s now introduce the new blogs that enter the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs, 2012-13. In a few of these blogs, we'd have liked to see better use of matras and better use of colours, especially for fonts, but others are excellent in content and design.  

chandkhem हथेली में तिनका छूटने का अहसास
dehatrkj देहात
gyankefundey Gyan ke Fundey
jindagikeerahen जिंदगी की राहें
kathayatra कथायात्रा
omjaijagdeesh वंदे मातरम्
pbchaturvedi मेरी ग़ज़लें, मेरे गीत
vkshrotryiapoems मेरी कविताएं

Our selection criteria are listed in detail in this post published before the Directory was issued in September 2013.

You can visit here the latest edition of the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs.