You must backup your blog; it's easy to export, import and back up blogs on Blogger

This is the fourth post in the series on Blogger's features. Blogger is a wonderful blogging platform with many lesser-known but fantastic features, and bloggers on this platform should make use of them on their blogs for better looks and functionality.

In this post, we'll talk about exporting a blog, importing another blog's content into one's blog, backing up the blog and restoring a deleted blog.

Importing, exporting and undeleting a blog

Go to 'Settings', then 'Other' and then 'Blog Tools'. You will find here the options to export and import your blog.

You can export the blog so that you can then import it into another blog on Blogger or other platform. On other platforms, you might have to do some tweaking to adjust the imported content according to the new blog's settings.

You can import contents of an existing blog to your present blog through the 'Import blog' option. By default your imported posts are not published on the new blog unless you click 'Publish' on each of them. This is desirable especially if you import contents from a non-Blogger blog. However, if you want that posts and comments are published automatically, tick this option while importing the blog.

During import and export of blogs, Blogger and other similar platforms use .xml file format which is compatible across platforms. Do remember that mostly it is posts and comments that get imported or exported but not widgets and design elements.

We strongly advise you to periodically back up your blog and its template (see below for saving template). Make a folder on your computer and put the newly backed up .xml files in it so that if something goes wrong with the blog, you can use the backed up data.

That takes us to another fantastic feature of Blogger: undelete. If you delete a blog by mistake or in frustration and later want to resurrect it, you can do so within 90 days of deleting the blog! For this, go to the main dashboard of Blogger where all your blogs are listed. At the bottom of the page, you will find a list of deleted blogs that can be restored.

Saving the blog design 

For backing up your template, or applying another template to your Blogger blog, you need to go to the 'Template' tool. On the right top corner, you will find a 'Backup / Restore' button which will take you through the process of backing up the Blogger blog and applying a new template to an existing Blogger blog. We caution you here that if html has been added manually in the blog or if the template has many design tweaks, you might get unsatisfactory results.