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Images for blogs and websites: basic considerations

Thoroughly updated: November 2020 On websites/ blogs/ social media accounts, we use pictures in various forms - photos, sketches, paintings, computer graphics, backgrounds and just background colors. We believe that images make the website beautiful and add value to it. In fact, many studies have confirmed that when there are images on blog posts, websites or social media posts, people stay on the page much more than when there is no image. This helps in better SEO and traffic, and eventually more earnings. But, do you ask  what, which, how many, why, how  and  where  before putting images or you just put a picture there because a photo is better than none?   When we use a picture on the blog/ website with due consideration to various factors, the picture gives great value to the blog. On the other hand, pictures and colors that are put aimlessly add little value. They even make the blog unattractive, add clutter and reduce readability.  The discussion on using images on blogs and