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2019 Indian blogosphere survey

We are producing a detailed blogogsphere survery of Indian English blogs after a long gap. If you want to see our earlier ones, we have given links to them at the end of this post. Let us break the survey into sections for easy readability. You can jump to the section using their hyperlinked headings. 1. How many blogs are there in the Indian blogosphere? 2. Are the Indian English blogs driven by the intent of making money? 3. What are the main blogging niches of English blogs in India? 4. How long will blogging survive the onslaught of other social media formats? 5. What are ITB's summary observations on the Indian blogging scene [in English]? Number of English blogs on India and by Indians First of all, it is difficult to define blogs. All sorts of long-form posts on social sites are now taken as blogs. Then there are video blogs, websites maintained as blogs, blogs maintained as websites, and a range of other combinations that make it very difficult to come to