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3 top blogs by expatriates in India

When you live in a country other than where you spent your young age, you observe everything with a curious mind. It leads to great human discoveries. When you share them with others, in person, those many people know about that country from a new perspective. When you run a blog or website where you share your insights, that becomes an invaluable resource. I share below three beautiful and resourceful blogs by expatriates in India. Indians as well as outsiders would find their worldview interesting. 1 The White Hindu is Ambaa's blog, in existence since 2012. In the last six years, she has written in her blog on Indian culture and society, and Hindu religion and philosophy. The blog is part of Patheos portal, which is devoted to religion and spirituality.  Ambaa describes herself and the blog thus: An American woman of European ancestry who practices Hinduism. She has been involved in Indian philosophy since 1982 and Indian culture since 2004. She loves to learn about