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How to improve your writing skills

  Thoroughly revised in August 2020 We wrote a post long back on the quality of writing: ‘ Top tips for writing blog posts ’. We talked about good content and gave tips on writing well for the web and elsewhere. If you do not want to visit that post right now (though I will strongly advise that you open that in a new tab or bookmark it), let me list the tips given there: Choose the topics for each post/ article with care. Give the post a heading that attracts attention. Be original and do not copy-paste content. Be passionate about what you say. Advise only if you are an expert. Talk to humans, not to search engines or yourself. Be pleasant, welcoming in tone. Write like a journalist: use inverted pyramid style, don't write an essay. Compose the post well in terms of formatting, sentence structure, etc. Don't ignore search engine optimization (SEO). Don't publish a post in a hurry. Edit it well. In the present post, we take the subject forward, with a greater focus on the c