July 30, 2012

Directory of Best Hindi Blogs

We had promised long back that we’d bring directories of quality blogs in Indian languages. We plan to bring the Hindi directory in December this year.

We are developing a database of good Hindi blogs and would like suggestions from ITB visitors and friends on Facebook, Google+ and other social network sites.

As in the case of English or bilingual Indian blogs, we’d include only those blogs in the Directory that meet the following minimum criteria:

Should be at least six month old;
Should not have objectionable content;
Should have good standard of content and design;
Should be updated regularly – at least once a month in five out of six months [From June 2012 to November 2012].
In addition, only those Hindi blogs will be included which do not have too many issues of मात्रा.

If you landed here direct, you may like to visit the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.
You can see all posts on Hindi blogging here.

July 27, 2012


Solitude Sublime
A blog by a passionate Indian blogger, Rohini Singh.

indian blog showcased 
A humble piece of heart of a tiny being.. expressed in the form of humor, happiness, love, pain and hope. 
A collage made from the various pictures of everyday life. 
A jar of variously flavored candy beans. Here memories, experiences, smiles and laughter, all are shared. In little verses, or in talks and tales. 
Written in solitude but with the hope that it take someone's loneliness away.

July 19, 2012

Blog content: quality of writing matters a lot

We wrote a post long back on the quality of writing: ‘How to write dazzling blog posts’. We talked about good content and gave 8-point advice on improving the quality of blog’s content. In the present post, we take the subject forward, with greater focus on the craft of writing.

Let words speak.

write to showPlease look at the first word written in the image on the right. We appreciate your eyesight if you could read it: it is ‘car’. Now pause a second and think what picture of car emerged before your eyes when you read the word. It would perhaps be a car that you often see [e.g. your own car] and possibly you did not imagine beyond a fleeting glimpse of that car. Now read the biggest word in the image. It still is ‘car’ and we’re sorry for the repetition, but it drives home a point: Even if we wrote ‘car’ 20 times bigger, our imagination of ‘car’ did not grow 15 times, not in details or even size! OK, do read this expression: ‘a car as big as a mini-bus’. Didn’t a mini-bus like space form briefly before your eyes? But the car we are talking about is not only the size of the mini-bus, it is a red car with open roof. It has a single front seat on which a smart boy and an exceptionally beautiful girl are sittingface to face. Your imagination must have taken you to all that we’ve described above, but if we ask you what clothes the boy and girl were wearing or who was driving the car and on which road, you would perhaps be blank.
Words when used imaginatively lead people to imagine. You agree?

Well, this car is now running very fast. Let’s tell you how fast it is running: In sixty seconds, it has gone beyond the half-mile stretch of meandering, rain-soaked road. Did you notice that the second sentence produced much more action-filled video before your eyes than the first one? Words have the capacity to show action too, isn’t it?

The takeaway is that when you write a post, use words to show the reader what you want to show. Showing can be done effectively by describing the object and all relevant facts so that the reader can imagine what you want him to imagine.
However, do not overdo it, and do not stuff your writing with too many adjectives and adverbs. Don’t overstate the obvious. Consider how much familiar your audience is with your subject.

'Show’ emotions, but with care.

July 11, 2012


Presenting a fine blog by Shraddha Majalkar, an Indian blogger.

Musings of a Restless Reader
Everything about books and life.

Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled "This could change your life." 
Musings is a place that follows the same principle. It's a place where the restless reader in me finds solace, by sharing views about life, books and anything that touches the heart. 
You will find reviews of books, movies or even live events. The views are biased and the reviewer a neat freak perfectionist Sagittarius. The only rule...Work has to touch hearts.

July 4, 2012


hapless geek
Rants and raves on automobiles, technology and films... with a little twist.

Our mission is simple. Provide as much information that can be assimilated as quickly as possible. We provide a layman's perspective on the day-to-day operation of the most widely used automobiles and technology (gadgets and applications). We also offer humorous reviews of the latest films out there. 
We will be geared towards the Indian market since we would like to share the knowledge as well as create an awareness about these topics.