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PNG vs JPG for blogs and websites

There are some questions that come up again and again, however much you answer them. One such question, relating to use of graphic file-format on websites, is whether to use .png or .jpg images. As technology evolves, the answers are also likely to change as has happened in the case of .gif format. Nobody now asks whether to use.gif in place of other formats, unless it is a simple animation. We’ll try to give all that a lay blogger needs to know, in simple terms. PNG and JPG are both widely used graphic formats and both compress images to make them small, without perceptible quality loss for the purpose of websites. So which of the two to use on your blog or website? Use PNG when the picture has objects with sharp edges and there are not too many colour gradients. That includes computer graphics and drawings. Use this format also if you want transparency; that means, the transparent parts of the graphic will show up the background under it, as shown below. We placed a PNG f

Blogging on LinkedIn: blogging mixed with serious networking!

LinkedIn now allows you to post on it like you post on your blog. A slight correction: LinkedIn did it last year for members in the US and has opened the posting ‘long form posts’ to everybody now. It boasts that in this one year, over one million posts have been written. This biggest professional networking site in the world says, long form posts let members underscore their professional expertise. We believe that to be true.  Writing original posts on LinkedIn is like blogging on one’s own blog. And, like blogging, a well-written post presents the author’s character, strengths and weaknesses, talent and skills as much as his expertise. LinkedIn membership is now over 330 million strong, most of it free. LinkedIn allows its ‘premium’ features only to paying members. The ability to write long form posts gives especially the non-paying members an opportunity to showcase themselves better.  People have used this opportunity to write on myriad topics: sharpening resume, power dr