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India's top economy and finance blogs in 2021

The following is the list of top Indian finance, business and economy blogs in 2021.  This listing contains blogs that have been providing value to people interested in this niche over a long time. Unlike earlier lists, this list has blogs from firms also. The list, thus, has blogs ranging from those maintained by a big media house and firms to those maintained by personal bloggers, one even on the blogspot subdomain. We were constrained to NOT include blogs that were not regularly updated or in which the sole concern of the website/ blog owner was business rather than sharing information and advice.  The blogs are arranged alphabetically, taking the most representative part of the blog domain. Broad area(s) covered by the blogs are given in bracket alongside the title of the blog. Here is the list: aishmghrana - AishMGhrana [Companies' legal administration] basunivesh - BasuNivesh [Investment] bemoneyaware - Be Money Aware Blog [Pers finance] capitalmind - capital mind