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A great post is worth nothing if not promoted

The greatest blogging advice ever given perhaps is to write great content. Google also says that the quality of content matters the most for search rating of a site. In the game of quality and quantity, quality always wins. Full stop. WHY YOU MUST PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO PROMOTING THE BLOG Though nothing beats quality, promotion is very important. Important because blogging is not like having a diary and hiding it from others. Blogging includes not only composing posts regularly but also writing for others' eyes as much for oneself, engaging with others, sharing content with others... actions that amount to promoting the blog. Think of a situation when you compose a masterpiece but nobody knows about it. On the other hand, a piece of slightly lesser quality is given a popularity boost so that it is seen by many. Now, this one gets known all over and appreciated. Nobody compares it with the one better than it but not seen. Whosoever likes it promotes it further. What is bett