The Best Indian Food Blogs

The Indian Blog Ranking exercise is on for the last 45 days. After screening blogs on a number of paprameters, we are now examining blogs in different categories in detail. We started with food blogs, going by  the small number of such blogs. We’d thought that it would be the easiest section to finish. 

We are thoroughly stumped by the richness of these blogs, and the dedication of these bloggers to not only the craft of cooking but blogging too. A large number of food bloggers have taken care to keep their blogs regularly updated and to reply to readers’ comments, categorise recipes, give detailed cooking instructions, illustrate them with a series of photographs, and also keep their passion largely non-monetised. 
While we are deeply satisfied that the five food blogs that we have finally selected are the best-est-est of the food blogs available on the Indian blogosphere, we are also sad that we had to leave out some great blogs – with some aspects even better than some of the selected ones. The last stage competition – among the top dozen blogs – was so hard that we had to dissect each blog for no fewer than 30 attributes. The only things we didn’t check were the culinary skills of the blogger and the taste of the food presented. Well, none of us is a foodie or a chef or a grandma.

Allow us to keep the final list to ourselves till June 30th, when we’d come out with the Indian Blog Rankings for 2011-12.


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