The best Indian IT blogs

 By now, we have thoroughly examined blogs on a number of niche areas such as food and cooking, finance and economy, travel, photography, movies and music, and current affairs. One important category of blogs happens to be those on Information Technology. This is special because most of IT bloggers are much more familiar with technology than other bloggers. They know not only coding, they have also often got education and training on other web matters. Leaving aside a few, all IT related blogs score high on design and navigation aspects. This has made our task quite difficult in selecting the best five blogs.

Too much familiarity with tools and technology can be a drag too. The adage ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ seems to apply to many IT blogs and websites. Their focus on web-design and content – and the hurry to monetize the content – often leaves the reader out of focus. Ironically, in the long run, this has started telling on the quality of content and design in some erstwhile excellent IT blogs. We were constrained to keep out many blogs that have overdone this from the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, leave alone the Platinum Ranks.

Well, you have been bearing with us for so long; so let us keep the final list of IT Rankers to ourselves till June 30th, when the Indian Blog Rankings for 2011-12 are published.


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