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How to start a fashion blog and make money?

Thoroughly revised: August 2020  This is a long article discussing various aspects of fashion blogging, with concepts as well as tips and tricks - especially for beginners, who have little knowledge and experience of professional blogging. The information and tips given here are based on my own blogging knowledge and experience, and as shared by successful bloggers in fashion, beauty and lifestyle niches. This post talks about making and running a standard blog, not a blog on YouTube, Instagram or other photo/ video sharing apps. You might notice that some concepts have been partly repeated in different sections. This has been done so that you do not miss a point if you read just one or two sections. In this post, the expression 'fashion blog' is sometimes used for blogs on fashion as well as beauty and lifestyle subjects. If you are interested only in some of the topics covered, you can use the following links to jump to those topics: Fashion blogs: types and ideas. How broa