October 30, 2013


Wholesome Mamma


"A health and fitness blog by a Mumbai mom following an alternative lifestyle called the paleo or evolutionary lifestyle. Find out how to have a fit pregnancy and raise kids healthier, fitter, stronger by defying the rules, questioning wisdom, and living life by following your instincts the way we were meant to. This mom sprints, does bootcamp and yoga, and provides her family with real food.
A lifestyle change for the better for mom, for baby and for the family."

- Aloka Gambhir

October 27, 2013

5 habits for success in blogging

People start blogging under a variety of influences and with a variety of goals. Whatever the initial provocation, majority of bloggers either quit blogging altogether or reduce it  significantly. Some do so in six months, some in a year. Only about twenty percent of bloggers persist with blogging beyond a year.

Yet at any given time, the number of bloggers and blogs is quite large: it includes a large number of those who are waiting to fall into low or no activity.

There are two main reasons for frustration or boredom with blogging: One is that most of us bloggers take up this activity as a hobby; so when its initial charm recedes, we find it dull. Another big reason is that we expect too much from blogging in terms of popularity and/or money. When it does not happen, we take it as a waste of time.

As we elaborated in this post on the love of blogging, one can gain a lot by way of professional reputation, expertise, personal growth, self-realisation, promotion of one's products, money, and so on, if we take up blogging seriously and systematically. Here we give a check-list for bloggers, which they should refer once in a while to ensure that they are in the right path.
Have you defined a goal for your blogs? 

Just 5 blogging habits that will give your blog a long, purposeful, life

October 25, 2013

Free photographs-images for bloggers

As mentioned in this post about Indian Top Blogs, we had announced that we'd offer photographs for free use by bloggers. This is being done so that bloggers have some common-use images for which they do not have to seek permission before use. Only bloggers can use photos and other images offered by ITB; others  need permission. These images can be published in a blogger's personal (not commercial) blogs.

Usually the photos and other images offered here will be in small sizes and quite light-weight files. These will not be good for printing or in large displays.

Bloggers may or may not give credit to ITB - that's their sweet will.

All images offered by ITB are either its own creation OR photographs taken in public places and where photography is not prohibited. If people are captured in a photograph, they are shown in their natural setting. Therefore, a photo with people must not be used in such context or modified in such a way that it might hurt anybody's feelings or expose anybody in an inappropriate manner. The responsibility of using the image appropriately lies squarely on the user.

The first two images in this series are given below. You need to right click on the image, save to your computer and then take it to your blog. Some sites allow direct copy-paste too.

Indian Top Blogs photo

Women learning to read, in a classroom created for them, after a busy day's work. 
Scene is from a village in Uttarakhand, India.
Image size: 740x490 pixels

Hiding real feelings behind a happy face. 
This graphic was used on ITB site sometime back.
Image size: 222x185 pixels

October 22, 2013

Indian Top Blogs. Talking about ourselves.

Once in a year or so, we indulge in self-talk. Bear with us, friends, as we need to tell about our changed priorities. Hope, we are able to serve you and the blog-world better.

Now that we have some comparatively free time, we will furiously clear the backlog of detailed review of blogs. Hope, we are able to resume this highly appreciated activity next year.

We have been publishing blog-showcase for some time now. We need to clean the list by looking at old entries. We intend to remove blogs that have not maintained good standards of blogging in the last one year. In future, we are going to be more choosy about which blogs to showcase. We are also going to showcase good discussions and blog-posts more than blogs per se.

A friend has asked whether we intend to upgrade ITB to a higher level. Another well-wisher wants us to monetise it aggressively and offer paid reviews. At present, we are happy with the little way we are able to contribute to the blogosphere. In fact, we'd like a low-profile, high-content lifestyle for ITB with the exception that we'd allow our teammate, Prabhakar, to contribute more on social media by way of discussions and comments - of course, depending on the time he can spare.

We have published some posts on free software and tools. We will keep doing so. We also intend to offer some stock photographs and other types of images for free use by bloggers.

October 20, 2013

October 17, 2013

Facebook friends: fake smiles?

A survey conducted in the United Kingdom reveals that one out of three Facebook account holders don't feel too friendly in real life about their virtual friends! Yet, guys who admit not liking their Facebook friends won't delete them from their 'friends list' because they want to keep updated about such people or they are scared to unfriend them.

October 14, 2013

Why bloggers must have a Facebook or Google Plus account?

Let your blog and social network complement each other

We would advise active bloggers to necessarily have a Facebook / Google Plus account.  Conversely, active Facebook / Google Plus account holders must have a blog.
Why, you might ask.

Well, serious bloggers should legitimately expect that more and more people look at their content. It is more so, in the case of bloggers who want to promote their personal products [e.g. book, research papers]  or monetize the blog by carrying others’ advertisements. For them, just having a blog will not get good amount of traffic unless they are seen by more people. Though SEO and having an offline community helps, there is no substitute for traffic coming from social networks.

People who are active on social networks such as Facebook, Orkut, Google Plus and Twitter need a strong knowledge and resource base so that their visitors take them and their content seriously. Nothing beats a well maintained blog. No social network site matches blogs in this respect, though some platforms have tried to mingle the two [e.g. Tumblr].

Manually carry info across web platforms

October 11, 2013

Common design issues in Hindi blogs हिंदी ब्लॉग डिज़ाइन

Compilation of Hindi blog directory has its thrills and travails. We have talked about the positives of the Hindi blogosphere earlier and in the present post, we'd share some very common design and readability problems we found on Hindi blogs.

We feel bad when we find that many Hindi bloggers ignore some very elementary design aspects and it makes their blogs shabby, unprofessional, kiddish, unreadable... sometimes even ugly and irritating. It is even more pitiable considering that most Hindi bloggers do not spoil their blogs in trying to monetise them, an irritating tendency we see in many English blogs.

Let us show some common design and readability issues by real examples. We have, however, masked the blogs' identity by smudging, blurring or shading some parts. We have given links to posts on ITB on related aspects.

A. The first image has screen shots of two blogs. The main shot shows a large number of elements all around with hardly much real content. The inset is a blog in which the opening screen has nothing but a huge photo.

October 9, 2013


Indian-blog-niraliAwesome Since '92

'Awesome Since '92' is mostly a personal blog started as a hobby and has grown into a passion. 

The blog is about anything and everything that touches my life. From current issues to fiction, poetry, short stories to photoblogs I do it all. 

A chartered accountant to be by profession but a blogger by choice :)

-Nirali Naik

October 6, 2013

10 tips for high blog authority

If you are a university student, which book would you read – the one recommended by a learned professor or the one you can get cheap from a second-hand book seller? Whose advice would you take for buying a sophisticated gadget – a gadget-guru or a grandpa? 

The short point we are trying to make here is that you seek advice from those with authority on the subject in question. You respect opinion of those you trust.

This applies also to website / blog visitors. If you have a blog with a high perceived authority on a subject, say, ‘water purification’, your blog will be listed high on major search engines and more people will discover it while searching for this subject. And if your content is authoritative and useful, they will visit your blog again and again and recommend it to others. The blog’s authority is likely to rise over time not only because you will continue to enrich it but also because more people will promote it on the web and perhaps in the real world too.

Now don’t tell us, you don’t care for your blog’s reputation. If that were the case, you would not be blogging at all or keeping your blog private to yourself. You might not be blogging to make money out of it, but you still need appreciation, audience, social engagement and feedback. No? And if money making is your primary aim for blogging, you cannot live without high authority.

What we are discussing here is NOT how to add a thousand visitors a day or get the top place in search pages. We are advising that you make your blog valuable; number of visitors will go up without asking for that. In any case, if you are after numbers, we have a question to you: do you want a crowd of casual visitors or people who care for what you say? What type of visitors will give you correct feedback and [if you keep the blog for business] buy your product?

What adds value and authority to a blog?