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Best Indian Blogs [list of top Indian blogs in English in 2020]

This is the latest (10th) edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, published every year since 2011. Released on 30th May 2020, the blog list has about 250 top Indian blogs (in English) that excel in content quality, regularity and overall blog resources, and meet a minimum design standard. They also show the blogger's commitment to blogging.

We can't claim that there are no other blogs that are not equal to or better than the 'top Indian blogs' listed in the blog directory. We might have missed some good blogs because we did not come across them. We got hundreds of submissions but many of them were from new bloggers whose blogs were not worth being called the best blogs in India - not yet.

In this blog directory, we have not included blogs by business entities. However, we've included blogs that are run as an earnings enterprise if the spirit of blogging and the contribution of individual blogger(s) dominate the blog.

Though the Directory contains the best blogs of India, most of them do not make good amount of money. In fact, most of them are not even monetized. So, this blog directory is way different from blog lists available on the web in which earning is the criterion for calling a blog or blogger 'successful'.

Blogs have been arranged alphabetically. The identifying part of a blog's URL has been taken for indexing purpose.

abracabadra - Abracabadra
aditikapur - Panoramic Ripples
aishmghrana - AishMGhrana
akswrites - Akshata
allaboutthewoman - All About The Woman
allgudthings - All Gud Things
allusefulinfo - All Useful Info
alokeshgupta - radioactivity
ambrosiasoulfulcooking - ambrosia
amritkauramy -Amrit Kaur
anamikaojha - Ana's World
anar-kali - Anaarkali - The saga of Bhil Tribal…
anindianmuslim - An Indian Muslim
anitaexplorer - The Explorer of Miracles
anureviews - Book Reviews by Anuradha Goyal
apotpourriofvestiges - A Potpourri of Vestiges
aravindgundumane - Treks and Travels
archanaskitchen - Archana's Kitchen
artbyaarohi - art by arohi
arti-artindia - Artists of India
ashokism - Ashokism…
ashwinicn - As The Mind Wanders
auraofthoughts - Aura of Thoughts
avibrantpalette -A Vibrant Palette
bakewithshivesh - Bake with Sivesh
baradwajrangan - Baradwaj Rangan
bbeautilicious - Be Beautilicious
beautyandfashionfreaks - Beauty and Fashion Freaks
bemoneyaware - Be Money Aware
beontheroad - Be on the Road
bhushavali - Fashion Panache
bkpk - Backpack Me
blogsikka - Parenting While Traveling
bloody-mary - Bloody Mary
bohemianbibliophile - Bohemian Bibliophile
bongcookbook - Bong Mom's CookBook
bookedforlife - Booked for Life
bookgeeks - Book Geeks India
bookishelf - The Bookish Elf
bowtiesandbones - bowties and bones
buddymantra - Buddy Mantra
chandoo - Chandoo
chennaitalkies - Chennai Talkies
cherryontopblog - Cherry On Top
chitrasfoodbook -Chitra's Food Book
christinepemberton - Delhi Diary
churumuri - Churumuri
Citycitybangbang - City City Bang Bang
compulsiveconfessions - The Compulsive Confessor
cooking4allseasons - Cooking 4 all Seasons
cookingdivamanjusha - Cooking Diva Manjusha
craniumbolts - Cranium Bolts
cursor - Cursor
cybernag - The Cyber Nag
ddsreviews - b00k r3vi3ws
deepakacharya - I am Photographer
deepazworld - Hues n Shades
deeshaa - Atanu Dey on India's Development
desicreative - Desi Creative
desitraveler - Desi Traveler
diaryofaninsanewriter - DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter
digitaldeepak - Digital Deepak
digitalsumit - Sumit Sharma: Digital Marketer...
durgadash - Pebbles and Waves
endlesselan -Epiphanic Moments
enidhi - eNidhi India
erratica - Erratica
eshabraille - Esha - people for the blind
everydaygyaan - Everyday Gyaan
extraordinaryissue - Extraordinary Issue
fantasticfeathers - Fantastic Feathers
fashionablefoodz - Fashionable Foods
foodopium - Food Opium
footloosedev - FootLoose Dev
fridaynirvanafilm - Amodini's Movie Reviews
geekflare - Geek Flare
geetaavij - Fabric of Life
giasaysthat - Gia says that
giveindia - Spreading a Giving Culture
gleefulblogger -Gleefulblogger
godyears - GodyearS
graciousposts - Graciousposts
haathitime - haathi time
happinessandfood - Happiness and Food
happinesscreativity - Happiness Creativity
hayyaahere -Hayyaa Here
healthwealthbridge - Healthwealthbridge
heartchakra - Heartchakra
highheelconfidential - High Heel Confidential
himanshusheth - Himanshu Sheth
holycowvegan - Holy Cow!
homecynhome - Home Cyn Home
ideasmithy - The Idea-smithy
imaginationwaffle - Imagination Waffle
imvoyager - Voyager
indconlawphil - Indian Constitutuional Law and Philosophy
inderpreetuppal - Inderpreet's Eloquent Articulation
indianvagabond - Indian Vagabond
indosungod - Daily Musings
itslife - itslife
jaiarjun - Jabberwock
jaipurthrumylens - Jaipur Thru My Lens!!
jaisjottings - Jai's Jottings
jambudweepam - Life is Like This
jmathur - jmathur
joezachs - encounter with a super star
kannammacooks - Kannamma Cooks
karvediat - Academic and Creative Writing Journal
khyatigautam -Bookish Fame
kiransawhney - Kiran Sawhney
kitchenflavours -Yummy Food
kitchenofdebjani - Debjanir Rannaghar
kreativemommy - Kreativemommy
lassiwithlavina - Lassi with Lavina
lawandotherthings - Law and Other Things
lemonicks - Le Monde, The Poetic Travels
lifewithmypenguin - Life with my Penguin
livelife2dfullest - Live Life to the Fullest
locomente - Locomente
ltd-licencetodrive - Ltd-licence to drive
maaofallblogs - Maa of All Blogs
macrotraveller - MacroTraveller
maheshsowani - Heart of the matter
makeupandbeautyblog - Makeup Review And Beauty Blog
malas-kitchen - Malas-Kitchen
manasmukul - The Contemplation of a Joker
manaspatil - Madman's Journey
manikarthik - Mani Karthik
mansirana -Mansi Rana
masquerader - Masquerader
masterblogging - Master Blogging
med-chemist - Med-Chemist
meotherwise - Me Otherwise
milliblog - Milliblog!
moderngypsy - Modern Gypsy
mommyinme - Parenting & Lifestyle!
moneyexcel - MoneyExcel
mothersgurukul - Mothers Gurukul
movieretrospect - Passion for Movies
moviesinmydna -Movie Reviews
mumbai-eyed - Mumbai Daily
mybooktours -My Book Tours
mydiversekitchen - My Diverse Kitchen
mysoultalks - My Soultalks
nabanitadhar - Random Thoughts---Naba
naina - Naina.co
neelstoria -Seasons of Life!
nishitak - Nishita's Rants and Raves
onecentatatime - One Cent at a Time
onehotstove - One Hot Stove
onmyplate - On My Plate
opinion-india - Opinion India
outset - Outset
pcdrome - PcDrome
pikturenama - Picturenama
pixelatedtales - Destiny's Child
politically-incorrect - Politically Incorrect
praguntatwa - Let's share & care
preethivenugopala - A Writer's Oasis
privytrifles - Lacuna
rahulprabhakar - When the Muse Strikes
rakskitchen - Rak's kitchen
ranjanascraftblog - Ranjana's Craft Blog
rashmiandi - Rashmi & I
reemadsouza - The Write World
reflectionsvvk - Reflections
relakhs - ReLakhs
relaxnrave - Relax-N-Rave
renuka-voyagerforlife - Voyager for Life
reviewbybookworms -Bookworm's Reviews
revolvingcompass - A Revolving Compass…
right-and-wrong - Right & Wrong
rohitbhargava - Influential Marketing Blog
romancingtheplanet - Romancing the Planet
ruminations - Ruminations
rupamsarma - rupam sarma
safalniveshak - Safal Niveshak
sandeepachetan - SandeepaChetan's Travel Blog
sanitydaily - Sanity Daily
santwonapatnaik - Wander Bird
sarathbabu - Sarath Babu's Lifestyle Blog
sarusinghal - Words
savedelete - Save Delete
sayeridiary - Sayeri diary
scienceandsamosa -Science & Samosa
seeing-the-invisible - Seeing the Invisible
shailsnest - Shail's Nest
shalzmojo - Shalzmojo
sharmispassions - Sharmis Passions
shilpaagarg - A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose!
shilpagupte - Metanoia
shilpanairy -Shilpa Nairy
shivangmehtaphotography - Shivang Mehta Photography
shobhasfoodmazaa - Shobha's Food Mazaa
shoutmeloud - ShoutMeLoud
shwetabhmathur - Memories
SilkStalkings - Silk Stalkings
sirimiri - Sirimiri
sociallogging - Social logging
soniasmusings - Sonia's Musings
soumya-hintofme - LOL: Life Of Leo
speakbindas - SpeakBindas
sqlauthority - Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal…
srbachchan - Bachan Bol
stableinvestor - Stable Investor
stylishbynature - stylish by nature
subramoney - Subramoney
sujoyrdas - Trekking & Photography in the Himalaya
sunbyanyname - Sunbyanyname
sundarivenkatraman - Flaming Sun
sushmitamalakar - Sushmita Malakar
suvratk - Rapid Uplift
Swaminomics - Swaminomics
sweetannu -SweetAnnu
taleof2backpackers - Tale of 2 Backpackers
talesofanomad - Tales Of A Nomad
techlila - TechLila
techmanik - TechManik
technotrait - Technotrait
techtravelandlife - TechTravelAndLife
the-passport-souls - Inside Out With Rahul Yuvi
the-shooting-star - The Shooting Star
The-underage-optimist - The Underage Optimist
thebespectacledmother - The Bespectacled Mother
thecalminvestor - The Cinvestor
thecommonmanspeaks - The Common Man Speaks
thedelhiwalla - The Delhi Walla
thefrangipanicreative - The Frangipani Creative
thegirlatfirstavenue - The Girl At First Avenue
thegoldstandardsite - The Gold Standard
thehellomomy - Hellomomy
theleapjournal - The Leap Blog
themystiquebooks - The Mystique Books
thepinkvelvetblog - The Pink Velvet Blog
thepositivewindow - The Positive Window
thesportsmanwritesaway - ritesh.misra
thetinaedit - Tina Sequeira
thirdeye007blog - My Third Eye Vision...
thisisbarry - This is Barry
thisislitblog - This is Lit
thrillingtravel - Thrilling Travel
tickereatstheworld - Ticker Eats the World
travellingslacker - The Travelling Slacker
travelmax - travelmax
travelshoebum - The Bum Who Travels
trendcrusher - Trendcrusher
tricksmachine - Tricks Machine
trinalooksback - Trina Looks Back
trulyyoursroma - Truly Yours Roma
Undertheinfluence - Red Herring
veganricha - Vegan Richa
vegrecipesofindia - Veg Recipes of India
vidyasury - Vidya Sury
viewtraveling - View Traveling
vinithadileep - Reflections
walkthewilderness - Walk the Wilderness
wigglingpen - WigglingPen
wordsmithkaur - Wordsmith Kaur
yourdreamtale - YOUR Dream Tale
yummyoyummy - Yummy O Yummy
zarahatkeblog - zarahatkeblog
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