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Private Blog Network: should you buy one?

Private Blog Network is a network of blogs meant primarily to send 'link juice' to a specific blog/ website. This concentration of authority derived from different blogs puts the target website on top of search engines. As the name suggests, this network is not like open blog networks in which blogs participate to share similar interest. Since the focus is on building authority of one single website, PBN sites are not linked to one another but only to the main site unlike open networks where all member blogs are linked to one another. PBN sites are often collected by scraping the web for old websites that, though not active anymore, still have value in terms of 'link juice'. Since these come cheap, especially when bought in bulk through auction, people in the business of creating and selling PBNs create a huge resource base of such websites and selectively put them as part of different PBNs. What if you purchase a number of domains, maintain them well and link