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Directory of Best Indian Blogs 2023 (13th edition) released today.

We are glad to release the latest (13th) edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.  Though there has been small change in the way the directory of best blogs is compiled every year, we have made a big change in selection of blog for the directory since 2022. Going by the current trends in blogging - in which personal blogging is giving way to commercial blogging, and blogging is going much beyond the traditional sense of blogging - we include all types of websites in the directory if they (or a section of theirs) is maintained as a 'blog'.  Though good blogs are repeated year after year (and they should, no?), each edition is a fresh, de novo , compilation. Though the term blogging* now includes all forms of digital/ online self-expression and content-creation, we are unable to include video blogs, podcasts and other social sharing content (Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc) since we are yet to find a common denominator to juxtapose these 'blogs' along with traditi