Directory of Best Indian Blogs 2023 (13th edition) released today.

We are glad to release the latest (13th) edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. 

Though there has been small change in the way the directory of best blogs is compiled every year, we have made a big change in selection of blog for the directory since 2022. Going by the current trends in blogging - in which personal blogging is giving way to commercial blogging, and blogging is going much beyond the traditional sense of blogging - we include all types of websites in the directory if they (or a section of theirs) is maintained as a 'blog'. 

Though good blogs are repeated year after year (and they should, no?), each edition is a fresh, de novo, compilation.

Though the term blogging* now includes all forms of digital/ online self-expression and content-creation, we are unable to include video blogs, podcasts and other social sharing content (Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc) since we are yet to find a common denominator to juxtapose these 'blogs' along with traditional blogs. Besides, it being a not-for-profit activity, we do not have resources for that.

So, in effect, the 2023 list of best Indian blogs includes a large number of blogs maintained as solo/ part of commercial websites if they meet our selection criteria. The spirit remains: the blog, however big or small, should contribute to the web with quality content and adhere to the craft of blogging. 

The list of top Indian blogs (in English) contains nearly three hundred blogs. As you would know, we also bring out a directory of Best Hindi Blogs every year, and also compile lists of top blogs in different niches such as literature, photography, beauty and fashion, travel and so on. We do not apply the strict criterial of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs to these lists but look for overall good content focused on that niche. 

These top Indian blogs in English excel in content quality, regularity and overall blog resources, and meet a minimum design standard. They also show the blogger's commitment to blogging. The small size of the blog, its small or no earning or being on a free blogging platform do not go against the blog if the blog is seen to contribute to information, thought and experience sharing on the web, and is maintained in the true spirit of blogging.

This blog directory is way different from blog lists available on the web in which earning  or traffic or Alexa rank are the criteria for calling a blog or blogger 'successful blog' or 'top blog'. This directory is also different from those in which blogs are registered on payment of a fee. We do NOT charge a penny for inclusion of a blog in any of our top blog listings, be it the Directory of Best Indian Blogs (the present one), the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs, or other category-wise listings.

The listing of top Indian blogs for 2023 is available at this link: Directory of Best Indian Blogs 2023

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* If you feel that your blog deserves to be in the Directory but has been missed, kindly look at the criteria for inclusion of blog in blogging directory, and then call us at 

* The present definition of blogging has become very broad. To quote The Manual of Social Media- 2nd Edition available on Amazon, Blogging, in its simplest definition, is the distributed creation and sharing of long-form content on the www. This, however, is a very narrow definition of blogging, and people use the term to include all forms of creation and sharing of content on the web.


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