Blogging for beginners - starting a blog

This page compiles articles on Indian Top Blogs specifically on starting a blog

There are many articles on professional blogging and making money blogging in another section. These require a higher level of skills. You should learn about them only when you have passed the beginner level.

Please go to the following links. Depending on your level of blogging, make the best of concepts and tips. Don't hesitate to write to me if you have stuck somewhere.

How to start a blog for free

You can create your blog on free blogging platforms like Blogger or Wordpress. Both are free. These articles will guide you on how to select the best free blogging platform, how to open the first blog, and so on.





starting a blog and making it big like huffpost
Huffpost calls itself a blog, earns million dollars a year.

How to make a professional blog

If your aim is to make money or develop a professional brand or help your existing business with a blog, you should go for a professional blog, not a free blog. 

When you open a professional blog, you have to get your blog registered with a Domain Name Registrar and place the blog in a server of a web hosting company. Then, for making money, you must take some extra steps. 

If you are very new to blogging, these terms might look too scary and confusing. Don't worry ✌😃. I have many a number of articles on all these aspects, and I keep updating them so that the advice remains useful. These are arranged in different sections linked below: 

  • Domain name and web hosting (tips on choosing a name for the blog, best web hosts, free web hosting, web hosting tips...)
  • Getting traffic to the blog (SEO, traffic tips, Google algorithms, Google website rating, Google penalties, unethical practices, PBN...)
  • Making money from blogging (Basic concepts and tips, paying subjects (=niches), how to make blogs in different niches, AdSense, affiliation, product reviews...) 
  • Web designing (concepts, use of colors and pictures, widgets, themes...)
  • Web security (HTTPS or secure websites, GDPR/ privacy and other policies...)
  • Skills for writing for websites and blogs (also general tips on good writing)
  • Best ways of putting visuals on websites and blogs (also explaining the basics of digital images)
  • Technical aspects of blogging (minor HTML tweaking, useful software...) 
  • Blogging best practices, and dos and don'ts
The links to different aspects of professional blogging are available on this linked page: How to make money blogging. You will also find tips on starting a professional blog in specific niches such as travel, fashion, lifestyle, food and art blogging.

If you are a complete newbie blogger and are struggling in blogging, you can ask simple questions to me on email. You would appreciate that I cannot be spending lots of time on each question or handholding like a tutor, I will still be able to help you move ahead when you are stuck or confused. My email ID is .


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