A blog can convert stress into happiness, believe it!

When one is excited, sad or depressed...
  • How do you come to terms with yourself after your boss has badly scolded you for a big blunder that occurred in company accounts, even though you had hardly a role in it?
  • What do you do when you feel bored of everything in life, and you feel like breaking your head against a wall?
  • You are extremely happy with your performance and there is nobody with whom you can share the best aspects of that success.
Happy, unhappy and uninteresting moments in our life come again and again: some pass by and some leave you either hyper-excited or frustrated. In either case, you need to give vent to your feelings so that you do not end up doing something injurious or stupid but return to your normal self.

Blogging is a great way out for immediate calming or nerves as well as long-term emotional well-being!  Personal blogging we mean, not the professional or corporate one.

How about making the blog the 'virus vault' of your life's anti-virus program?

Use your personal blog as your punching bag. Make it the place where you spit out hatred, greed and guilt so that they don’t damage your pancreas, liver and kidney. Make it your secret vault where to give vent to your nastiest feelings so that they don’t come in the way of your experiencing the beautiful aspects of life.

In times of stress, even if it is over-excitement due to a great achievement, write down whatever comes to your mind. Abuses and expletives, threats and submissions, curses, painful details, unspeakable acts, bitter feelings about the relationship that the other person didn’t value, ambitions that you can’t share even with your husband/ parents/ girlfriend, confession, a plan of action,... If that does not satisfy you, put ugly photos and videos. Morph your boss's photos to look like a moron, put a shoe over it and animate the shoe to hit the boss's head. After putting the photo or sketch on the blog, remove it from elsewhere; give it a befitting caption full of slangs. Make the font extra-large and ugly. Record an abuse [or a song in your broken and shrill voice] and put it on the blog...

Save the post. If composing the post has made you even more excited, write another post. At the end, when you have had sort of orgasm, leave the keypad. Don’t publish the post(s) yet. Don’t be in a hurry to put in action if your post has a plan of action. Don't email the video or audio to your friends or enemies. Not yet.

If you have a deep-seated sense of emptiness or depression / remorse / anger or hatred / excitement, keep writing such posts till you can no longer write them.

Look at these posts when the excitement has subsided. Not necessary on the same day: it can wait a week or a month. Tell yourself before opening the post(s) that these were written when you were disturbed and you will use the post(s) only if they are harmless to publish. Ask yourself this question again and again, till you are convinced that you are making a sensible choice.  

In ten out of ten cases, you will have dealt with the emotional event moresensibly than you could do so otherwise; in eight cases, you would know how much poison [or over-estimation, ego etc] your mind had accumulated and needed to be washed away; in five cases, you would get valuable insight about how to deal with such situations in future or not to repeat the mistakes that led to that situation; in two cases, you would have written some of the best writings in your life – maybe with some editing.

Is it not a win-win situation? Don't blame us if it works wonders for you; we didn't discover blogging.

In this earlier post, you can see our take on blogging and living happily ever after.

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